7 Simple Ways To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Blog..

Ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

As a blogger we take care of on page SEO to rank better on SERP (search engine results page), offline SEO factors are not in our control.

Backlinks are first priority offline SEO factor to rank better on SERP, writing unique and epic articles will not bring backlinks automatically as you expected, maybe you will get some limited number of backlinks from few people who read your article.

We have to follow some natural and simple ways to get high-quality backlinks free.

Google algorithms are getting smarter day by day to know which backlinks are genuine and which are not.

Getting high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites is not an easy process, we have to follow some natural ways to get it, which every expert blogger is following.

There are so many ways to get backlinks; here I am sharing some of the natural and simple best ways to get quality backlinks.

Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are those which have a high domain authority or higher page rank websites which are sending traffic to your blog with an appropriate anchor text.

Before following all these ways, you have to do some research work to find out quality websites on all these methods.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best and simple method to get high-quality backlinks fast, this method not only provides backlinks, it also drives traffic to your blog.

If you want to build quality backlinks from blog commenting then we have to find minimum 25 blogs which have high domain authority, here minimum domain authority is above 50.

Find Commentluv commenting system blogs, which has 90% do follow backlinks, and anchor text will be your recent article name, because of CommentLuv unique feature to add your recent article to the comment.

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Outbound Links / External Links

This is another good way to get high-quality backlinks, always try to give one or two external links to the high domain authority websites on your each post; so many expert bloggers are using trackbacks on their websites.

Whenever you link their blog’s URL on your article, you will get one backlink from them through trackbacks, even if it is not a do follow link, search engines prefer backlinks from high authority sites.

For Example

Mr. Neil Patel’s Quicksprout.com gives trackback

Forum Signatures

Forums have become a good source to get quality backlinks, so many bloggers are using this method to get quality backlinks.

Most of the famous forums are allowing signatures with your blog’s URL link; whenever you participate in any discussion automatically your blog link will be added to that.

Try to find out one or two forums which are related to your niche and allowing forum signatures with your blog’s URL and giving do-follow backlink, participate actively on those forums for better backlinks.

For Example


Question & Answer Sites

Whenever you read an article about building backlinks, you will definitely find Q&A sites as one of the sources to get quality backlinks on all articles.

I too recommend joining Q&A sites and answering maximum questions which are comfortable and related to your niche, always try to include your articles link on each answer.

Quora is the best website to answer a lot of questions related to your niche, more questions you answer, and more importance you will get from Quora website.

Every time you answer a question with your URL, you will get traffic as well backlink to your blog.

Social Networking

Now high engaged Twitter tweets and Google Plus post activities are indexed on search engines, all these social networking engagements will bring backlinks to our blog.

Including our blog’s URL on our social media profile will bring backlinks to our blog, particularly for Google plus, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Verify your website’s URL on Pinterest and Google Plus for better results.

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Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are one of the best ways to get quality backlinks; here bloggers get mutual benefit by helping each other, communities are important to get consistent traffic and comments for your blog.

Active blogging communities will build a relationship with other expert and influential bloggers and they help you on all aspects of your blog success, backlinks are one of the advantages you get from these blogging communities.

For Example:

  • BizSugar: BizSugar is the popular blogging community where bloggers share their articles without any charge, whenever you get an up-vote for your article you will get one do follow backlink from Bizsugar and this community has high pagerank which is very worth full backlink
  • Klinkk: This is another popular blogging community works same as Bizsugar; whenever you get up-votes from other users you will get do follow backlinks from this community.

Curated Content Websites

Curated content websites are becoming popular day by day, if your article has unique and epic content then your post can go viral with lot of backlinks, so many bloggers are trying to bring their article on first page of these curated content sites to get massive traffic as well backlinks in a natural way.

For Example

  • inbound.org
  • scoop.it
  • Reddit
  • Buzzfeed
  • Digg
  • Tumblr

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Be cautious about some of the curated content sites; don’t post every ordinary article on those sites, user’s down-vote your article if it is ordinary.

Conclusion: These are some of the simple ways to get quality backlinks for your blog and these methods are sufficient about how to create backlinks to fulfill your offline SEO,

  • kamlesh sharma

    Really these all nice ways
    I use top three methods for my blog’s link building plan.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Kamlesh,
      Thanks man for sharing your thoughts and opinion about backlinks.

      • kamlesh sharma

        Thanks for fast reply

  • Hi, thank you for these tips. Will take a look at them. A few of them, I am already using as they come very natural to me. I have not been using curated content websites yet, will look in to it and see if it is something that would help me.


    • Hi Linda,
      I am very glad to see you in my blog article, and thanks for sparing your time to read and share your opinions about backlinks, curated content websites like Scoop.it, Digg, Buzzfeed are really use to check our luck for massive traffic and backlinks.

  • Arpita Jain


    This was a really informative article….short, sweet and bang on point. I try and use a few of them and Quora is my favourite. But I would like to give a try to curated content websites and other forums too….As for now I feel Aha-Now, http://www.aha-now.com/ is also a wonderful platform for bloggers.

    Thanks for the great info….

    • Aww…kind of you to say that @disqus_6bJb3PX0SF:disqus – I appreciate it a great deal. Yes, it sure is a great place for bloggers who come and share their posts. I guess because Siddiah shared it there, thus you and Linda came here 🙂

      • Hi Arpita & Harleena Mam,

        After joining in Aha-Now, i got so much of recognition from the community people like Arpita & Linda and so many other bloggers.
        Its a great platform to get recognition easily.

        Hi Arpita,
        Thanks for your time you spent to comment, read this article, and sharing your opinion on backlinks.

  • Hi Sid,
    There are backlinks and there are quality backlinks. Indeed, writing epic content alone will not bring about backlinks. There is need for marketers to engage with other websites to gain websites.

    Yes, blog commenting, social networking, blog communities, question and answer websites, and other strategies shared in this post can be accessed to get quality backlinks.

    Getting the best from these simple ways require commitment to excellence!

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where I found this post.

    • Hi Sunday,

      Its good to see you again on my blog, and you are the first one who commented on my blog, still you are supporting to share your opinions on my each article, thank you for sharing your views about backlinks.

  • Hey Siddaiah!

    I agree with you, just valuable and unique content alone will not get you natural backlinks. You need to give that content a push. Make it go viral online by driving a lot of traffic to it FIRST. I always tell people to work a lot more on creating EPIC content. Content that people will want to share online, and will want to link back to it. BUT this cannot happen without the right amount of traffic to the post first.

    You need to promote your content as much as possible, and at the same time give it some quality backlinks. You shared very valuable ways to get quality backlinks here! ..

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge man!

    Keep up the great work!

    I wish you the best!

    Cheers! 😀

    • Hi Freddy,
      I am very glad to have a comment from you, and thanks for sharing your opinion about backlinks.
      Yes, we need to promote our content as much as possible to get right amount of backlinks.
      Once again thank you for sparing your time to read and comment on my blog.

  • Hello Siddaiah,

    Useful stuff to get quality backlinks for blog……..!!!

    I agree and appreciate points you explore that Forums, blog communities, Ouora and content curated sites are great source of earn quality backlinks.

    According to my personal experience Kingged and AHA are the ultimate blogging communities where you not only get quality backlinks but also drive massive web traffic to your blog.

    Overall article is feast for bloggers thanks for sharing with us…..Have a great day…….!!!


    • Hi Gangadhar,
      I am very thankful to you for sharing your experience about Backlinks, Yes Forum and blog communities like Aha-Now and Kingged are best sources to get quality backlinks.

      Thank you for sparing your valuable time to read and comment about this post.

  • Medha BN

    Superb tips Siddaiah.

    I have been using curating sites like inbound and scoop.it but the concept of forum signatures is kind of new to me! Though I was aware of attracting traffic through forum discussions I wasn’t quiet hit by the idea of leaving links without spamming!

    Thanks for sharing insightful tips.

    • Hi Medha,
      Thanks for sparing your valuable time to read and comment on simple ways to build backlinks, forum signatures are not considered as SPAm as of now if we use it occassionally.

  • Hey Siddaiah,

    I can definitely pat myself on the back because I’m at least doing half of the tips you mentioned here. And might I add that they are working quite well for me. The fact that i’m doing a lot of blog commenting, including outbound links, sharing my post on communities, and on social networking does do a lot for your blog and makes it look great to search engines!

    Thanks for sharing these tips! Have a good one!

    I found your post in kingged.com under the category of SO/SEM

    • Hi Sherman,
      I am very glad you read and commented your opinions on this article about backlinks, yes sir, blog commenting, Social networking and Blogger communities do a lot for our blog to build quality backlinks.
      Once again thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

  • Hi Sid, I agree to the ways you have mentioned to get quality back links. I find blog commenting quite helpful for building backlinks and blogging communities like Aha!NOW are always a great help for promotion and links. Thanks for sharing this post.
    – Rohan.

  • BTW, just a quick question, Are members of Kigged[dot]com instructed to drop links everywhere they comment?

    If yes, they are surely building good amount of links. *Applause*

  • Dan Maxwell, Jr.

    Hey Siddaiah,

    This is a really great post. I’ve been looking most toward starting to guest blog as a way of building back-links and traffic.

    The thing about Blog commenting is most of the links you get to your blog is nofollow, are those valuable backlinks?

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for dropping in, 70% of CommentLuv comment platform websites allow do follow backlinks, we have to find out those do follow CommentLuv websites to build quality backlinks.
      Once again thank you for sharing your opinion.

  • Wallderama

    Try this software and boost your Alexa and Google ranking. I use for myself and I can say it rocks! Guaranteed!

  • amir7893

    Hey Siddaiah.. majority of comment section are by default nofollow.. and even comment links are 100% spam technique for me.. if any blogger comments just for link building then it won’t help them…i mut say it will definitely kick out from google and penalized by search engine.. comment are just to build relationship between two blogger that it..

    Comment luv DOfollow is spam too.

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