How to Build a Network That Works!

Mastering the skill of Networking can help you land a dream job, be an influencer, and become close with the leaders in your niche.

Have you ever thought of building a network of people? Ever thought working for building a good online reputation? If yes, this post is specially written for you.

Use the following networking tips to build a strong and powerful network.

1. Good Networkers believe in quality over quantity.

You need to develop deep relationships with people even after knowing the fact that you are simply networking.

The only way to build connections is by being open and interested in other people. You need to forget three words when you wish to know others – “I, Me and Myself“.

2. Be Giving.

Believe in providing value to others. Try to influence other people, change their ways and try to help others in such a way that they upgrade. Bring in change, do not follow traditional patterns.

When someone asks for help go out of your way to help them out. Don’t be selfish. Never promise if you can’t deliver. If you make false promises you will never build a strong network which will be of no use to you.

Those who believe in helping others without worrying of what they will get in return surely acquire a huge followers list. People will always be grateful if you help them with their worst issues.

3. Connect the Dots.

Share your network with others. For example: If you have a friend who is looking for an expert in SEO. If you are not an expert in SEO so refer your friends who are expert in SEO to your friend who needs their help.

By doing this you are connecting people. This gives an impression that you know everyone. And makes you a good networker.

People with friends attract friends. That’s how the game is played.

Knowing the right people can get you places that you might not reach otherwise.” 

4. Use social media To Build A Network.

Here’s how to make the most of the social networking to expand your network.

  1. LinkedIn – Search for people with similar interests and skills. Engage in groups that interest you. Encourage your connections to write recommendations for you by writing recommendations for them. I am going to start doing this and will update this post with the results soon.

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  1. Facebook – Don’t just focus on increasing your friends list. Facebook is about having connection people. You just can’t add unknown people to your friends list. Even if you do so, try to take some time out to know something about them.
  1. Twitter – This one is my favorite and the most effective social media site. Tweet relevant matter which you find interesting. And you should remember that your tweets should reflect your likes and dislikes. Follow relevant people and reply to their tweets regularly. This might make you known to them.

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5. Do the best to contribute online.

If you want to become famous online start going beyond social networking.

Create a website and showcase your talents there. Share your resume and past projects. Or else start a blog and write about whatever you’re interested in. Do not forget to promote yourself and your work on your website or blog.

Write guest posts for known websites. Many bloggers will be happy to have you as a guest author as they will have less work for them. You can ask for a link back to your website. In the guest post, try promoting yourself or try showcasing your skills.

Participate in forums and do your best to answer the question or discuss topics which are related to your field.

6. Follow up.

What does Follow up mean? Following up means keeping up with the person you met or got connected.

For example: When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, send them an e-mail and ask about their industry and interests. Share your articles with them and discuss something related to it.

If you are geographically closer try to meet them in person. Just keep following up and don’t lose the connection over time.

Over to You!

I gained readership on my blog by using the above mentioned ways to build a network. Know more about secrets of networking on social media on my blog. What tactics you use to connect with people and how do you manage your connections? I look forward to read your story in the comments section.

Always remember this African Proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” 

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  • Rohan, good and solid advice.

    To go viral and increase your readership, it is best if your network works for you. This will only happen if you have connected to them at a deeper level.

    The African proverb at the end is like hitting the bulls eye. Well done.

    • Hi Imran,

      Thank you. No one is self made. It works best when people promote our work rather we always promoting ourselves. So setting an example for others to follow is the key. Glad you liked that proverb and it is so true.

      I am sure you must have heard this: “The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity. – Keith Ferrazzi”. Do favors for others and naturally you will earn people on your side.

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment. Have a great weekend.

      – Rohan Chaubey.

  • Medha BN

    Hi Rohan and Siddhaiah,

    Thanks for these awesome tips Rohan. The quotes and proverbs you have used surely speaks a lot about the importance of getting connected to people.

    I am really bad at this! Lately I have realized the power of networking but then I know I need to buck up! But these tips will definitely come in handy.

    • Hi Medha,
      Initial days of my blogging i am also so poor in building relationships with other bloggers, slowly i realized the importance in networking and started building, Rohan tips are really helpful to build a network.
      Thank you for dropping your opinion about this article.

    • Hi Medha,

      Welcome to Sid’s blog. It is indeed important to have connections to reach and meet the goals. After all, no one is self made and we will get exhausted at some point if we just believe and rely on self promotion all the time.

      I am thankful for the time you took to read and comment. Have a good day!
      – Rohan.

  • Hi Rohan, and welcome to Sids blog 🙂

    Always great to see one Ahaian guest post on another’s – you know I love that 🙂

    Coming to your wonderful guest post here – you mentioned the apt ways to build a networking with those who matter. I agree with all your points, though you missed out G+ perhaps from #4, as I have seen your followers just grow on that platform, perhaps the first or second one you joined Rohan!

    You are right, each social network is well known for one thing or the other, and if you are able to make out what works in which one, you can easily work to achieve that. I know networking and social media have been one of my strong points as well, as I am not good at SEO, so that’s another thing that always helps.

    I think the best is the giving part – and I wonder why people have such small hearts, or why they tend to think to share posts, or comment on the ones ONLY related to their niche? Somehow, I’ve never understood this concept, nor ever followed if, and I am still going strong. 🙂

    Contributions online can be done in any way, whether it’s a guest post, any small write up, or even a status update that carries value. If people like you for your work, they’d follow you anywhere – tired, tested, and I know it works. I think you are very good at that Rohan, and I wish you every success in years to come.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    • Hi Mam,
      Ahaian’s are always helpful to support, especially Rohan is expert in building relationships with everybody, and he has chosen best topic to write for my blog, and he is expert in building network that works.
      Everybody is praising about the featured image in this article, all the credit goes to Rohan, he has taken care off everything about this article from featured image to Proverbs.

      Once again thank you Rohan & Ahaians who supported us to reach maximum audience with this article.

      • Hi Sid,

        All thanks to you for promoting it so well. I am kinda shocked to check my twitter analytics. I have gained outstanding percentage of engagement rate and impressions with the tweets containing links to this post.

        I have been following reachoutsid[dot]com even before than you joined Aha!NOW and this was the right time to give back what I learned from great bloggers like you. I am sure this blog is soon gonna be one of the most popular blogs having its main niche as business and technology. It will be talked and admired for its consistency, quality and readership. 🙂

        Thank you for having me as a guest author on your blog. I feel honored to probably be the first ever guest author on your blog. Thank you so very much. It was a pleasure writing for you and I wish to work in collaboration with you in future as well.

        “Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging”.

        Rohan Chaubey.

    • Hi Harleena ma’am,

      I intentionally skipped G+ as I have not find a way to deal with it. Sometimes I get tremendous engagement and there are times when people hardly respond. So everything there depends upon what kind of stuff we share. And I see a gradual increase in followers and sharp decrease in engagement in terms of comments and plus ones. A lot more effort would be required to understand it better, I guess.

      Talking about Facebook and LinkedIn, I joined them recently as I mentioned in a comment at Aha!NOW. But they are quite simple to understand. I feel so. Twitter is my all time favorite as there is always an increase there and never a dull moment.

      Same here, my blog hardly gets ranked on search engines. All the traffic I get comes from social media shares of mine and helpful people like you. Aha!NOW plays an important role when it comes to comments section.

      Yeah, it is always nice to get along with all the bloggers irrespective of their niche. I have too followed YOUR footsteps and have done the same. Thank you so much for always being a guide for us and for the well wishes.

      Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to read, comment and share. Means a lot. Have a great week ahead. 🙂
      – Rohan Chaubey.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Very nice-write up Rohan!

    Building network is the key to get succeed in blogging. We should help other whenever needed and I’m following your connect the dots idea. If some one reach me for help, If I’m not the right person for that task, I try to take him/her to the exact place to solve their problem. I love to do this job.

    African proverb is really superb, keep sharing your knowledge for us 🙂

    • Hi Mam,
      I am very glad you have supported a lot by sharing this article on all your social media profiles, thank you for your time you spent for us.

    • Hi Nirmala ma’am,

      Good to see you here. 🙂

      Yes, I agree connecting with fellow bloggers and readers is so much important in blogging. Helping is the key to get the recognition and help in return. Connecting and referring people is a fun thing to do. It expands and creates a bigger network for yourself.

      I too loved that proverb and found it very apt to include at the end of this post. Its all that I have learned from great bloggers like you. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for all the shares across your social networks and for time you took to read and comment, means a lot to us.
      – Rohan.

  • Hi ROHAN and Sid

    As usual your post are thought provoking

    You are so right that building networks is very important. I love the quote of Robert Kiyosaki and there is a truth to it. Rich people do build networks which is why they are always rich because they have helping hands.

    I also believed that networkers believe in quality and that is genuine relationship. Social media is a good network builder and you can find great people with the same interest. Any successful networker knows that giving is the best policy.

    Thanks for sharing. Sid, thanks for inviting Rohan

    • Hi Awazie,
      Many people are talking about the quotes,images and proverbs used by Mr Rohan, i never thought these things will get this much response from all of you, thank you for dropping in and sharing your opinion about this article and continuous support to my blog articles.

      • Hi Sid, I am so excited to see the same. Especially Twitter is giving a lot of response. The engagement I have received via sharing this post on Twitter is remarkably high and great. I am grateful that I got an opportunity to interact with the readers at your blog. Thanks a lot.
        – Rohan.

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Thanks for always being there for encouraging me. 🙂

      Yes, networking is the ultimate solution. Talking on a smaller scale, having good connections with reputed bloggers can help you to promote yourself and your business quite effectively. So no doubt that good networking brings in great help.

      BTW, I love the way you always write my name in all caps haha. 🙂 I agree to you that nothing can be as good as giving and providing value to others. The basic means to fuel networking is being generous where greed has no space.

      Thank you so very much for your time. Have a great week ahead. 🙂
      – Rohan.

  • Piyush Ranjan

    Hello Rohan,
    Once again you catch my eyes.
    Connect the Dots…..
    Yes you are right Bro. By connecting the dots we can create the whole marginal line for us. I read a book with the same title “Connect the Dots” But now i forgot about everything (The author, the publisher).

    In my point of view, a network is the essential weapon to fight against every possible wars. If i go beyond blogging, there are lots of things for us to do. May be professional may be personal. Admit it “you come in this world alone and no one is your friend”. At that same moment this network will support you to stand and to move forward.

    I want to say many things but my english. I think you know better about my english.

    Thanks Rohan and Sid once again and -Happy Blogging.

    • Hi Piyush,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion about Rohan, about this article, and your wishes.

    • Hi Piyush,

      I rarely find your comments and I am so glad that this post caught your attention. Yes, definitely a strong network is all you need to establish yourself and carve your reputation. Language is never a barrier as far as you don’t allow it to be.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, it means a lot. 🙂
      – Rohan.

  • Ajay Pai Aj

    Interesting post. Networking is indeed mandatory in today’s competitive world. Am sure, you practice it too. Becos I have experienced it in the interactions which I’ve had it with you. Good write up.

    • Hi Ajay,

      Thank you dropping your opinion about Rohan and this article.

    • Hi AJ, What a lovely surprise to see you here at my guest post. 🙂

      Glad to read that you found the post interesting. You are correct, networking is too essential especially if you wish to establish yourself or your business/blog online. Yes, I practice it too. It is always nice to hear something from you.

      Thanks for taking some time out to read, share and comment. 🙂
      – Rohan.

  • ArtaGene

    Hi Rohan,

    My first trip here. Saw a tweet by Sylviane a friend and decided to check you out.

    Some good ideas presented so very easy to understand.

    Meeting Social network connections… sounds interesting, however,
    if where you live is very rural and don’t travel a lot,
    meeting in person isn’t such a great option. Useful I’m sure….

    Don’t maintain a large number of friends, but keep in contact and help anyone I
    can…If I don’t know how to do something…have a friend who does!

    Groups work well also for sharing information and helping.


    • Hi Arta,
      Thank you for dropping here on my blog, and thanks to your friend Sylviane which given opportunity to meet you.
      Once again thank you for sharing your opinion about Building a network that works.

      • Sid, Isn’t that amazing to have readers who followed a tweet on Twitter then landed on the post… read… commented. Wow! Great. This shows the power of social sharing. 🙂

        • ArtaGene

          I have this Blogging rule I made for myself this year.
          If I take the time to read a post, then I am going to leave a comment.
          Spent a lot of wasted time in prior years, reading and slipping away.
          Occasionally copied the blog url so I could return it something caught my eye.
          There is a better way!

    • Hi ArtaGene ma’am,

      I left a reply to you and Sylviane ma’am on Twitter. Just Re-tweet [dot] com is surely helping us to promote the posts. And I am glad you landed here following a link shared on Twitter.

      I have met people whom I once followed on G+, twitter and facebook. And believe me the connections get even more stronger and better.

      Yes, you are so correct! That is what is the power of building a network is, tho small but it should have people who support you, who have your back all the time and reciprocating the support is the key to retain and grow connections more stronger.

      Thank you for sharing your views with us. Nice to meet you and I hope we connect with each other on twitter from now on. 😉

      – Rohan.

  • Hi Sid and hello Rohan,
    Rohan I loved your way of posting beautiful and awesome guest post. The one at my blog was also a very good one. In this one here at Sid’s blog too you have touched a very essential part of online working. Networking, without it, our business is nothing better than an offline one.

    I agree with you on AFcebook and twitter. I have always seen people talk about wasting time on facebook but you know how we spend our time on it. Connecting, knowing more about each other and helping each other.

    I always believe you cannot and should not keep the goodies only for you. I liked your point of referring others to the third person who needs their help. This is a novel task and you are benefitting yourself by helping two people reach to each other. This will get you closer to both of them. I love and use this strategy most.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Swadhin, Always nice to see you. 🙂

      Awh! Thanks a lot for saying that. I am grateful to you, Sid and all the blog owners who have given me opportunities to write my thoughts on their blog. This is something I love doing. 🙂

      I agree to your point. Facebook is considered as a time consumer but the output is really high. A week after joining Facebook I could actually notice high traffic from facebook coming to my blog.

      Yes, referring people is a great thing to do. Thank you so much for taking time to comment your views and for sharing this post across social media.
      – Rohan.

  • Hi Rohan!!

    Great tips for building a network online here man!

    I’m also building my own Facebook Network right now. And I use it to gain readers for my blogs too. One simple strategy I’m using right now is a Facebook Group. I created a facebook group where I teach the same knowledge I’m sharing on one of my blog – then I put links to my blog posts inside the group.

    People are learning and loving the knowledge. They go to my blog posts, watch my videos, and learn things that will help them. In return, they share my content and keep coming back to help my blog rank better online 🙂

    And as my Facebook network grows, my groups grow, and that helps the traffic to my blog grow 🙂 .. it’s a win-win situation for everybody! lol

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge here!

    Keep up the great work!

    I wish you the best!

    Cheers! 😀

    • Hi Freddy,

      Nice to meet you. 🙂

      Yeah, these tips can really help you to build your own network. I just visited your blog and you have pretty nice following and your posts seem to be really well written.

      Thanks for sharing about your experience with facebook groups. Invite me there and connect with me on facebook, I would love to hear more from you.

      Taking about your strategy, You are spot on! Who wants to miss something useful? You are giving out your tips and ideas and in return you are gaining traffic. Keep up the great work Freddy!

      I eagerly await to connect with you on Facebook. Send me an invite to your group as soon as you read this reply. I would be glad to know more about you and your blog.

      Thanks much for stopping by. Have a great day!
      – Rohan Chaubey.

      P.S. Find my Facebook profile link by looking at my Disqus profile. Thanks.

      • Hey Rohan!!

        Thanks for visiting my blog man! 🙂

        I appreciate the support! …

        Alright, I’m going to send you a friend request on Facebook, and add you my mastermind group.

        And no problem man, you got a nice blog with very valuable content here too!!

        Looking forward to connecting with you!

        I wish you the best!

        Cheers! 🙂

        • Hi Freddy, Pleasure connecting to you on Facebook. The feeling is mutual. Accepted your request. Make it a great day!
          – Rohan.