Top Content Marketing Ideas For Blog


Blog or business, marketing is one of the core concept of success in life, nobody in the world promotes you  until unless  you are a famous person or you are doing something or other indirect help to him to success in his life, there are different types of persons around the world, you can not predict which person likes what and why.

Any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media in order to acquire and retain customers in variety of formats including, blogs, infographics,  how-to guidelines, podcast, videos, E-books, journals, articles, documentary’s  is defined as content marketing, this creates interest in a product or service and provides solutions to people’s problems.

Basically, content marketing is the art of communicating with the customers.

Content Marketing Ideas

Quality Is Important As Quantity

Most of the blogger try to update their blog 3 or more times per week with low quality content to maintain consistency , to engage readers consistency is one of the factors for that you don’t need to write low-quality content, which spoils your reputation, if you are writing 3 to 5 blog post try to make it 1 or 2 meaty, long, informative posts per week.

Multiple Formats

As I said before, we can not predict which person likes what and why some people like to read, some people interested in videos, some may like infographics to remember, someone like to hear as a podcast. If you think one your blog post is unique and best content try to make that blog post into different available formats and make it available in the blog article itself  to reach out more customers which automatically drives traffic to you from various channels.

Don’t Just Post, Engage

Most of the bloggers like me, writes an article and publishes it without engaging the readers, we should engage our readers to build relation, it is one of the roads blocking factor for new bloggers, we should try to engage our readers through asking them to participate in your next blog post topic, allowing them to write guest post for us, offering them for  Webinar or Google hangout session to clear their problems.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media presence of your blog is crucial in your content marketing, now social media has become heart for the content marketing never ignore the social media strategy for your blog, make a plan how you are going to promote your content, make a schedule of it, adhere to the plan , do some analytic work how your blog is trending on social media, find out which articles they are sharing and liking, act according to social media platform, if you are posting  it on twitter do it 5 times daily , Facebook 2 times per week , Pinterest 5 times daily , Linkedin 2 times per week, know the volume and weight age of the social media platform.

 Building Email Subscription List

E-mail subscription list gives you consistent traffic to your blog, ask readers to subscribe to your blog don’t force  them to do it, give them informative, useful e-book for subscription as a freebie, it works well, use opt-in email subscription form bottom of your every article, do campaigns with MailChimp, if possible, use Premium Aweber service to increase email subscription list.

Use Paid Marketing Services

Nothing comes free in life , use paid marketing services like Facebook boos post which give high amount of traffic to your blog with targeted audiences it works well, promote your blog article on Google Adwords , use Twitter and Linkedin paid services to increase traffic, because of this paid traffic your organic search engine traffic also increases, convert those paid traffic readers to email subscribers with the freebie.

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