Disqus Commenting System For Website Its features

Disqus Commenting System For Website

Every blog needs a commenting system to know readers opinions or to answer their questions, first and foremost thing every blog needs is a commenting platform, WordPress has its own comment platform which comes automatically when chosen WordPress as your platform to your blog.

Another great headache blogger’s face is spam comments, filtering spam comments are very important for the bloggers, otherwise, your blog filled with tons of spammy comments.

There are so many commenting platforms are available, but so many bloggers are using Disqus as their commenting platform, even professional bloggers are using it.

For Example Mr. Amit Agarwal for Labnol.org

Disqus is a comment hosting service provider for blogs and websites, it is the most used commenting system among bloggers around the world, at present more than 750,000 websites are using it.

Disqus has so many features which can help the bloggers to filter spam comments, to bring traffic to their blog, and so many other features.

Disqus Commenting System For Website And Its Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • Social Media Integration
  • Spam Filtering
  • Akismet Integration
  • Easy Comment Moderation
  • Works like a Social Community
  • Mobile Friendly

SEO Friendly

There are so many doubts among bloggers about the Disqus commenting system, all the comments are stored on Disqus servers (like dropbox) it works on javascript/iframe code.

Generally, Search engines will not crawl the javascript or iframe code; ultimately comments are not crawled by the search engines, but if you use Disqus commenting system using their official WordPress plugin then search engines will crawl your Disqus comments also.

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Screenshot of Disqus Plugin which says it is SEO friendly

Disqus SEO friendly information

So don’t worry Disqus comments are crawlable by search engines, which gives SEO benefits like other HTML based commenting systems.

Social Media Integration

A reader who wants to comment on your blog are able to comment by using their social media network id’s without registering into the disqus platform, they can join to Disqus community there itself to comment or they can comment as a guest to your blog without revealing his details.

If the reader uses his social media network id then his/her comment is automatically published on his social media wall post, this helps the bloggers to get some more traffic from their followers, which is not possible for traditional commenting platforms.

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Spam Filtering & Akismet Integration

All the WordPress platform bloggers use Akismet as their spam filter; Disqus easily integrates with it to enhance the spam filter of your blog.

Disqus itself has its own software which can combat with spam comments, still if you want to use Akismet it won’t conflict with it, so you can use both the services simultaneously to combat with spam comments.

Smooth integration of these two services helps the bloggers to keep their blog spam comment free.

Easy Comment Moderation

We can easily moderate our comments either on our WordPress admin or visit the Disqus website, we will get an immediate notification in our mailbox whenever a new comment has arrived on our blog.

We can choose our pre-moderation settings on Disqus .

Disqus Easy Comment moderation


Another option which it gives is filtering your comments by whitelists/blacklists and word filtering.

Disqus Whitelist and blacklist option

Works Like A Social Media Community

Disqus is one of the major traffic sources to my blog, whenever I get a comment or if I make a comment on other blogs which are using Disqus as their commenting platform, my referral traffic from will go up on that day.

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Disqus works like social media networking among the users, daily I will get Disqus digest email about latest comments and trending topics which are getting comments, this email newsletter brings traffic to so many blogs.

Replying to your comments is very easy via Disqus, its thread commenting system brings a lot of enhancing your communication.

Mobile Friendly

This commenting platform easily loads on mobile platforms without any lagging, now most of the searches are happening on mobile devices, the responsive commenting platform is a must in today scenario, Disqus easily wins in this prospect.

Google is concentrating on mobile friendliness as one of the factors for its PageRank , future is all depended on mobile devices, so mobile friendly commenting really help your blog.

Conclusion: These are my observations about Disqus Commenting system, if you have any doubts or if you want to add value to this article by adding some more features, please contact me or leave a comment, I will try to add your suggestion, feel free to comment.

  • Thanks Sid.

  • Carol Amato

    Hello, Sid, 

I’m a big fan of the Disqus commenting system as I switched over from CommentLuv about a year ago. I lost comments in the switch, but I was still willing to do so because of the power of this awesome system. 🙂

    I think my favorite thing is the Inbox alert each commenter receives increasing the traffic to my site.

    The social media integration is another plus, and I am loving the community aspect.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing more awareness for Disqus.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Good one, I am using it on my blog as well. It is a cleverly designed comment system for blogs and websites.

    • Dear Ahmad,
      Disqus commenting system really helps bloggers to combat spam comments without any struggle, thank you for sharing your opinion.

  • Hi Siddaiah.

    I agree with your observations about Disqus. It certainly makes a difference to website traffic.

    For the past week or so I was not very active on commenting due to sickness and other urgent matters, and my traffic suffered noticably. I love the community aspect of this commenting system, as it allows me to follow my favourite blogger or to be followed by them.

    There are still a lot of Disqus doubters out there, so thanks for raising this topic.