GetResponse Review By Its Features And Benefits

GetResponse Review

At present so many Email marketing automation services are available at affordable prices, but we have to choose the best one which suits our needs at lowest price with great features, every Email marketing service brand has its own unique selling points.

Today I am going to review GetResponse Email automation service which is growing very quickly competing with big brands like Aweber, recently I wrote a comparison post about Aweber VS GetResponse, I recommend you to read that article also to get the fair idea about features and benefits between these two services.

Review Of: GetResponse

Use of: Email Marketing


A Complete solution for Email Marketing


Minimum Plan Starts at 15$

Ease of use

User Friendly, Easy integration with third party Apps


Excellent customer support.

Here I am not going to discus about why we need to use Email marketing software and the benefits of using autoresponder services because I wrote that information on Aweber review as well in comparison article betweeen GetResponse and Aweber, so straight away we will jump into the GetResponse review.

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GetResponse Review By Its Features And Benefits

As I said before each brand of email marketing service has its own advantages and disadvantages, first I will share some of the best features of GetResponse.

GetResponse Key Features

  • Basic Landingpage Creator for every user
  • Mobile and Device responsive Email Designs
  • Wide range of Predesigned Templates
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • RSS to Newsletter option 
  • Different types of Sign Up forms like, Image box, Shake box, Fixed bar, Scroll box and Exit pop up.
  • Split Testing Function
  • Social Media sharing tools
  • Easy way to import data from other email services
  • Allows to segment subscribers
  • In-depth Analytics report.

Above list is the some of the features of GetResponse other than that we have so many other features which we won't find on other competitive Email marketing software brands like QR code generator and IStockPhoto gallery.

GetResponse is the first company which introduced mobile responsive email templates, it has the option to preview how our newsletter will look on mobile devices.

 I am using Aweber since long time but it won't provide any mobile preview to check how my email newsletter looks on mobile, everytime I have to send a test mail to my mobile to preview my newsletter, where as GetResponse optimizes fonts and layouts automatically to look better on different devices.

GetResponse Mobile Responsive design

RSS to Email newsletter is another great feature of GetResponse to send automatic newsletters to your subscribers when you publish a new post on your blog without logging to your email marketing service through RSS feed, initial days of my blogging career I used this option a lot, but now I am taking time to craft my newsletter whenever I publish a new post.

As per the studies conducted by various organizations average click through rate of newsletter is only 5% that means 95 people out of 100 will not open your email so we have to use different email subject headlines to increase our CTR, GetResponse allows us to use 5 different split test messages to increase our open rates for our newsletter.

GetResponse Opt-In Forms

I know most of the bloggers are depended on third party tools to get the desired opt-in forms to capture the email leads, as per my experience all other email marketing service companies are not providing all types of opt-in forms and some of those opt-in forms are not mobile responsive which looks very ugly on different devices.

I am personally facing this problem with Aweber because their lightbox popup is not mobile friendly, so I designed the popup width and height according to mobile devices screen size.

GetResponse has all the types of sign up forms in their kitty like, sign-up box, scroll box, fixed bar, download box, shake box, exit popup and image box, if you choose this service then you don't need to depend on other third party tools for lead capture.

Here is the short 3 minutes video which shows about different forms available on GetResponse.

GetResponse Templates

GetResponse has more than 500 predesigned templates under different categories, small business owners use these templates extensively to promote their products, but as a publisher or blogger I never depended on these templates.

The downside of GetResponse is having templates which look very outdated but still we have the option to tweak the templates as per our need if you some designing skills.

Ease Of Use

If you are already using other email marketing service then GetResponse allows you to import those contacts without asking for reconfirmation from those subscribers but I heard Aweber will ask for the reconfirmation, I am not sure about this, but I read somewhere about this issue on the internet. 

Creating a newsletter is very easy with the GetResponse editor which allows us to drag and drop different elements like logo, image, content, article, button, social sharing icons, signature and so on if you are habituated to this drag and drop design then you can easily create your newsletter within minutes of time.

Creating campaigns, follow-up series, scheduling the broadcasts, segmenting subscribers, everything is possible in GetResponse like other email marketing services.

If you are using email marketing software for the first time then it takes some time to understand how it works, we have so many video tutorials available online which teaches everything about using GetResponse, I found this UI design is user-friendly.

Third party integration is another downside of GetResponse because it is gaining popularity among digital marketers slowly, but still they managed to include their services on all major brands like LeadPages, SUMO ME, Facebook, WordPress and Joomla.

If you very particular about integration with other services then do check for integration compatibility with those services before choosing GetResponse.

Landing Page Creator

Landing pages are very useful to convert visitors into subscribers if you do a lot of paid advertising campaigns on Facebook then you might be using LeadPages or InstaPages services to send traffic to the landing page.

LeadPages collects 37$ per month to use their landing page services if you are occasionally running paid campaigns then using LeadPages is a waste of money, GetResponse allows us to use landing pages with basic functionality without any charge if you want to use full-featured functions then we need pay 15$ per month.

GetResponse Landing Page Editor

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics play a major role to know what is happening to our Email marketing campaign, as I said before average CTR is 5% for email marketing so we should know who opened our newsletter to segment unopened people.

GetResponse offers single click segmentation to segregate unopened people so that we can send another newsletter to them with different headline subject.

Metrics over time report is another valuable option to know at which time and day people are opening and reading our newsletters, which enable us to send a newsletter on that particular day and time to get maximum CTR.

Analytics report gives us all the information we need like CTR,  open rate, unsubscribers, subscribers, bounced newsletters, which opt-in form displayed how many time and what is conversion rate and all.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important factor we should consider before buying any email marketing service, GetResponse offers 24/7 customer support including Saturday and Sunday.

Email support is available in 7 languages in weekdays, phone support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.

GetResponse conducts Webinars and provides video tutorial and resources on how to use their products and features.

GetResponse Customer Support

GetResponse Pricing

Pricing is suitable for all types of people, they have designed their pricing structure like that if you are a beginner with less than 1000 subscriber you can choose starter Email package which 15$/ month, professional bloggers with less than 5000 subscribers can go for pro package which gives premium landing page functions, there are another two packages which are available agencies and big organization.

GetResponse Pricing slab

If you are affordable and want to use all the features of GetResponse then choosing the pro slab is the best option to get the maximum benefit.

Here is the short two minutes video which shows all the benefits you get with pro slab.


Mr. Neil Patel is using GetResponse to cater newsletters to his huge list of subscribers.

Neil Patel GetResponse Testimonial


  • Affordable For Beginners
  • Mobile responsive opt-in forms
  • Landing Page option
  • Free trial without Credit card details
  • Excellent Customer support
  • Good Reporting system


  • Out dated Predesigned templates
  • No pro landing page features for Starter pack 
  • Less third party integration support
  • Pro package is high priced


Summary: If you are planning to start with less price this is the best email marketing software to choose which offers different opt-in forms and landing page support compared to the Aweber.

Conclusion: I shared this GetResponse review based on my experience with this product and I am requesting you to share your opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product in the comments section so that it will enable other readers to know more information about this service.

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    • Hi Ratnakar,

      I am glad that you find this article informative, email marketing service became mandator for every blogger, I neglected list building for one year because I don’t want to pay 15$ every month.

      Now I realized what I missed this one year without building email list, so choose one Email marketing software and concentrate on building email list from day one, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this article, see you soon.

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  • Honest review!

  • I cannot differentiate between Aweber and GetResponse. Both are really good email marketing tools. But I think GetResponse is a bit of a better tool.

  • this is a great write up. I have to say that having used both, I find Getresponse easier to use. It seems to have all the options I could want, and many more that I don’t need at the time. Customer support is top drawer at both. It really is down to what you need from the service when you are choosing between the two.

  • True words, Sid. I have used the beginner version but features where little less compared to the pro. Thanks for quite a detailed share. Keep up the good work.