How To Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog ? It’s Benefits..

How To Create An Editorial Calendar To Your Blog

If you want to consistently maintain your blog post frequency, planning is the most important factor, in our mind we will fix some strategy to write blog post every week four to five articles, which will not happen because of some or other reason, sometimes we will sit in front  the computer to write an article with blank mind, we don’t know what to write, we search for content idea, if we don’t get any idea, that day will be wasted on other works like surfing social media or reading other articles, which will affect our blog post frequency.

This happens to every blogger around the world, if we are able to plan our editorial calendar perfectly, we can easily come out of this problem, we can maintain our blog article frequency, we will have our content ideas in our hand readily, lot of productive time will be utilized without looking for content ideas.

Editorial calendar is nothing but planning of our blog’s update for specific period of time like what to write, when to write, where to write, how many articles, which time to write, how much time we should spend on social media, analytics, automation, commenting on other blogs, promotion of our blog post, all these tasks will come to our editorial calendar to simplify our time and effort for better productive work, now we will check how to create an editorial calendar for your blog ? .

How To Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

First thing when you wanted to create an editorial calendar  is deciding  a period of time, generally it is recommended to take one month, if you wanted to plan for more that’s depends on your well and wish, decide how many articles you want to write for that particular period of time depended on the categories of your blog, after fixing the number of articles and period of time actual process of editorial calendar begins.

Listing Content Topic Ideas

Most of the bloggers face problems in getting the content topic ideas, which delays the article  publish frequency, now you have decided the number of articles based on your blog’s categories, take one or two days time to list out all the topic ideas which you are going to write for that specific period.

For Example, if you have two categories  in your blog like SEO and Social Media  and decided to write 10 articles for each category list out all the twenty articles topic ideas keeping in mind about long tail keywords.

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The best part in making editorial calendar is listing out all the content topic ideas for your  future writing articles focusing on long tail keywords if you need more time to list outspend another one or two days but keep all the topic ideas in hand to move further.

Fix A Publish Schedule

Decide how often you are going to publish the articles on your blog, fix a  publish schedule for each article, be realistic when you are deciding to publish schedule stick to your schedule date at any cost, don’t deviate or procrastinate the the schedule, keep two spare articles on your drafts to schedule.

When you are not able spend time on that date you can use these spare articles to publish, all we have to do is sticking to our editorial calendar for our own benefit.

Selecting Time To Write Articles

Most of the bloggers are not full time bloggers, or some of them are housewives who have to take care of their family, some of us are having business to run like me, selecting time is crucial to write articles, we should have some peaceful time to write, find out which time is suitable to write articles, most of the people write article in daytime business hours, most of the housewives write in the night time or early morning around 4:30 AM, selecting peaceful time without disturbances increases our quality of the article without any mistakes, write down your time to write articles in editorial calendar.

Fix A Promotion Schedule

Our blog promotion is as important as writing articles, if you don’t assign time to promote, nobody will be there to read your articles whatever the useful information you have written, fix a promotion schedule for your blog, do only promotion for that day, don’t combine article writing and promotion same day, write down all the places where you want to promote your blog articles, make list of it, follow your list to cross check, if possible do deep analysis of your blog through Google Webmaster tools.

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Fix A Time For Social Media

We know the importance of  Social media to get traffic, we can’t neglect social media platform, if you want to have good traffic from this platforms, everyday engagement is compulsory, fix a daily various time  slots to check your social media engagement, don’t spend more than twenty minutes on each platform, for example today you spent twenty minutes on Facebook at 10 Am don’t repeat the same time next day for Facebook  change the time to 4 PM, if you randomly change timings your reach to audience will increase on social media, try to develop more followers on each platform.

Tools For Editorial Calendar

Edit Flow is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage your editorial calendar within WordPress, or you can prepare your own calendar in Microsoft Excel as per your needs,  you can check the screenshot how it looks.

Editorial Calendar Example

Or you can download free editorial calendar from Hubspot by entering your email and website name.

Conclusion : How to create an editorial calendar for your blog article assures you better productive time to you if you stick to you planning, minor deviations in planning happens all the time, work according to your convenience.

Best Of Luck.

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