How To Use Google Plus For Marketing Your Business Or Blog !

Google Plus has become one of the major part of the social media to market your business or blog, like other social media platforms, Google Plus has its own advantages for getting an extra mileage for your business, As per the data Google Plus has 250 million users around the world and 150 million users log into their accounts daily, all the Gmail users have their Google Plus accounts.

Google Plus allows users to find information on all platforms because of its integration to Maps, YouTube, and Hangouts; moreover, Google Plus gives you the SEO benefits to push your content to a large number of people, even if you don’t have the large following fan base.

How to Use Google plus for marketing your business or Blog

Now Google Plus allows you to create a business page, which can help you to make professional relationship with your customers, My business page gives you insights about your engagement, post actions, audience details to know which of your posts are getting maximum views, how many actions each post is getting like +1’s and shares and gives you detailed demographic and geographical data of your audience.

Google search is giving importance to localized results to the users, if you have a business page with continuous activity with your audience, search engines prefer to give your information when someone searches related to your products or services.

Now we know all the benefits which Google plus is giving to us, if you want to use your business or blog to get maximum benefit from it then we have to know how to use Google plus for marketing your business or blog.

How To Use Google Plus For Marketing

Google Plus is not only a social media, it is more than that it, allows you to interact with people by hangouts, allows to promote your videos via YouTube, Maps helps customers to find your business in your area,  Google Plus is growing at the rate of 33% every year, we know how we depend upon Google Search results.

If we want to improve our brand reputation and visibility we have to market our business or blog on Google plus is mandatory, now I will share some of the important steps to do to market our business or blog in Google Plus.

Google Plus Authorship MarkUp & About Page

Google use to give more preference to search results to the people who have verified their authorship on Google Plus, but recently Google has withdrawn its authorship for search results, but still it is advisable to markup your authorship get trusted credibility from the point of Google as well readers.

When you are filling up you’re about page on Google plus add your blog or business page URL in Bio, use the keywords which are related to your niche or business, these two things are very important to get maximized results from SEO, markup your business area on the Google Maps which can boost your local search results visibility.

Integrate YouTube

Now YouTube is the next biggest search engine after Google search, people are more interested to see the how-to videos on YouTube, if we don’t upgrade ourselves to post a video for our brand, at least once a month, we are losing lot of people who are only searching on YouTube to get the information.

So adding videos on YouTube once in a while is an important factor in marketing our business or blog, if you check all top bloggers are business brands are creating more videos on YouTube, it is the change we have to accept and follow.

Optimize Google Plus Posts

Every time when you are posting new post writes description on your post with keywords, Google plus considers description(first 45 to 50 characters) as your post title, think you are writing a mini blog post for your Google plus readers, write additional information with a summary.

Optimize Images on your post, the ideal size of Google plus image is  1080 x 600 , try to make your images as square because these sizes are well displayed in all format like desktop, Tablet and mobile.

When you are sharing your post do consider adding public, followers, your circles, extended circles and don’t send an email to all the people, which will irritate the people and sometimes it is considered as spam by people.

Grow Your Google Plus Engagement

When it comes to engagement, people don’t like self promote people on social media, if you wanted to be success then you have to promote other people’s posts as well, check those posts are really helpful for your audience or not , start commenting on other peoples post if you like them, add your opinions on other people posts, ask questions if you have any doubts.

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Respond to your post comments, +1 other people posts, Join communities related to your niche or business.

All the above proactive participation will help you to improve your engagement on Google plus.

Use Hashtags

Google plus automatically adds hashtags to your posts, hashtags in Google plus works in a different manner compare to the Twitter and Pinterest,  Google adds other related keyword hashtags to your post to  make a semantic relationship between topics, here check the semantic relationship topics for #SEO.

Google Plus Hashtag

Google plus shows trending topics to the users with these hashtags, it is best practice to add hashtags manually by you, also, add your website name as hashtag like #Reachoutsid .

Create Communities

Communities are the best source to find targeted customers for your niche, if you have time to create a community related to your niche, create community promote it on Google plus, send an invitation to the people to join, ask joined to the member to promote your community.

Communities give you authority to increase your business or blog related to your niche, but it is time taking process if you initiate building a community from now slowly it will develop for long run benefits.

Hold Hangouts

Hangouts are the best option to interact with your customers, slowly it is developing day by day, if you have an expertise in your niche or business, you can hold a hangout for your customers on selected topic, give your thoughts on the topic later answer your audience doubts, if you able do this regularly, it will bring lot loyal customers to your business or blog.

Conclusion:  Doing above all the things is not possible for everyone, because of some restrictions on ourselves, where ever you comfortable, maximize that activity to increase your Google Plus marketing, I think I have shared details about How To Use Google Plus For Marketing, if you want to add any value, please kindly contact.

  • Hi Siddaiah.

    Thanks for sharing those tips. I’m still trying to feel my way around Google+ and hope to use it in a big way in 2015. So this article is most useful.



  • I have been getting into the communities of late. They are an excellent way to lift your profile and grow your network. If you have a burst of activity on a few of them you’re sure to get some people adding you to their circles in the days following it.

    • Hi Matt,
      Sorry for the late reply, thank you for sharing your opinion, communities are really helping people to get targeted audiences.

  • Thank you for sharing Siddaiah! A lot of marketers underestimate the power of using Google Plus. Thank you for sharing exactly how you can build a successful business using this platform.

  • Success Druggy

    Hi Siddaiah,

    Great post very informative. You discuss the excellent ways to to grow the network and increase the traffic of the blog.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Leon Travers

    Nice post

    I’ve been using Google + for a while now; trust me it does take time but if you keep at it, steadily it will grow.

    As well as the points raised in this post; I also use to find relevant content for my pages. You will often find stuff on there which has several Facebook and Twitter shares but hardly any G+ – I assume because most don’t look beyond the big two. I then share this on my page; of course, this doesn’t get clicks to my website (as it is someone else’s content) but it engages people with my page and then I have a bigger audience for when I do post my own material.

    Also, on my website, I have a +1 counter, so each time a post on my Google Plus page is +1ed or shared my counter on the website goes up. This is a bit of a con really but you can benefit from it. Visitors to my website see, for example +1512 recommend this on Google, I would assume most think that this is just for the webpage or website and think, this must be good if all those other people think so 🙂 but it is combined between both website and G+.