How To Write Articles For Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog?

How to write articles for affiliate marketing on your blog

Every blogger aim is to earn some decent money from their blog, which gives some reward to their time and hard work they put in to write articles and maintain their blog.

Earning money from only Adsense network will not fulfill their requirements to meet their expenses, so bloggers always look for other ways of earning money from their blog.

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn some decent money from their blog, when a blogger decides to earn money from affiliate marketing, first question comes to his mind is How to Write Articles for Affiliate marketing?

We have to be very cautious when we are promoting affiliate marketing products on our blog; we have to do so much of research on various factors before selecting the products.

How To Write Articles for Affiliate Marketing

Here I am going to share some the important factors which we have to consider and do thorough research before writing an article on affiliate products.

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First Priority To Reader

We can’t earn money until unless a reader comes to your blog, once he comes to your blog to know about the product, he should not feel you are promoting the product.

Your first priority should be your customer’s benefit, think twice before selecting the product.

Decide whether these products are useful to your reader or not, if you genuinely feel it can be beneficial then only start writing article about that affiliate product.

Find Out Best Features

Every product has its own uniqueness, find out the best features of the product, and make a list of it, do in-depth research on those features.

Features should have some uniqueness comparing with other competitor products; once you find that uniqueness try to explore more information about it.

Highlight those features on your article with more evident data.

Find Out Drawbacks

Many affiliate marketers never share information about the drawbacks of the product; this is the big mistake which we have to avoid.

As I said before our first priority is our reader, he comes to our blog to know everything about the product including features & drawbacks of the product.

If you share complete information about the drawbacks and why those drawbacks are negligible comparing with other competitors products then he will analyze those drawbacks  and comes to a conclusion whether those drawbacks are negligible or not.

Share Your Hands On Experience

Hands-on experience is the best way to know all the strengths and weaknesses of the product; we will come to know practically about the In & Outs of the product.

If we have hands-on experience, we can confidently share our thoughts about the product; otherwise we have to hesitate to pinpoint all the features.

It is better to have hands-on experience with the products if it is a premium product then try to use it for a trial period.

Most of the products are offering their services for some trial period time.

Explain About How To Use

So many of us are reluctant to accept new technology, because we don’t know how to use it, and we are habituated to do old style traditional methods to accomplish our work.

Sometimes I too hesitate to add new plugins or Opt-In Email sign up forms to my blog, because I am habituated to the old style design and I don’t want to mess up my comfort.

If I have somebody who is there to guide me or help me with those things personally, then I will definitely use those new things.

We have to explain step by step information about the product from the setup process to end usage, and then our affiliate marketing conversions will increase.

 Be Authentic & Trustworthy

Being authentic builds trust, adding evident data and information supports authenticity, try to add more evident data to your article to support the features of the product, reference links and information increases the trust.

Because of this type of reference links information Wikipedia has got that much trustworthy among online users and search engines prefers this type of activity.

As a long run benefit for our blog, we should not look for short time earnings, when we build reputation for our blog, money automatically flows in, and I believe in long run benefits.

Conclusion:  These are some of the factors which we should consider on how to write articles for affiliate marketing, to become a successful affiliate marketer, if you want to add more value to this post, kindly add your personal thoughts and opinion about this topic on comments, which will enhance reader’s knowledge of writing affiliate marketing articles.

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  • Great post, Sid. To me, the most important point is to find out the flaws in the product. As you said, the company would not tell odd things about their products, it is the responsibility of the blogger to find out the real deal. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Have a wonderful weekend, buddy.

    • Hi Yatin,
      Thank you for sparing your time to read and comment your opinions about affiliate marketing, Yes companies will not tell their product disadvantages, it’s our responsibility to find ou the cons of the products.

  • Great tips Siddaiah. And yes, authenticity and only selling what would really benefit another person well give you results that are long lasting. I would like to add something here, as I have been in affiliate marketing myself to. It think what a lot of bloggers are still forgetting, is to work on capturing emails. When you build a real solid realtionship with people, in which you help them resolve problems they have, they will trust you and buy what you offer. It is no different from selling your own products: you have to build relationships.

    You might be lucky if people buy just from a post, but if you really want to go past luck and build something solid, you have to get all other marketing aspects in place as well. Treat it like a business, not as some extra dollars you get from blogging. That make a huge difference. At least it did for me. I am not in to affiliate marketing anymore, as I now sell my own services and training, but if I were starting all over again, that is something I would keep in mind.

    Love, Live, Enjoy!

    • Hi Linda,
      It’s great to see you again, you reminded and added a good point of capturing emails from our readers to build a strong relationship with them to provide solutions to them, I am truly agree with your statement.
      Thanks for adding another point to this post to become successful affiliate marketer.

  • Hi Siddaiah,
    Glad you write a post on this topic. With an increased influence of affiliate marketing, many bloggers have now resorted to write reviews and spam the web in order to make money. Nothing works out though.
    Through your post, I would like to show them the path they should follow to succeed in affiliate marketing.
    Being authentic is the key. You cannot sell anything you don’t know anything about and try to provide and promote things that would really be helpful for the readers.

    • Hi Swadhin,
      Thanks for sparing your valuable time to read and comment on this affiliate sales, Yes in order to earn money lot of new bloggers are spam the web with false information without considering user benefits who believes in us.
      being authentic will fetch long run results in blogging career to earn money from affiliate sales.

  • Hi Siddaiah,

    Your tips are absolutely spot on. Being authentic is the key to making more affiliate sales. What some marketers forget that if you’re actually trying to sell the product, to make a commission, then you’re not going to sell anything at all.

    Targeting your audience is the key. You need to make sure that the audience can relate to the product.

    • Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your appreciation about this article, Yes being authentic to the reader who believes in us is the key to affiliate sales, and once again thank you for sharing your opinions on affiliate sales.

  • Hi Sid

    Very informative post.

    Many bloggers complain they write articles for affiliate marketing very frequently but don’t get as much response as they should have to earn big money. They actually fail to take three key decisions with regard to:

    What their blog readers badly want?
    Which product can best serve their community’s need?
    Which product is the most competitive to pick from the lengthy list?

    As you pointed out the tips to write an article that is the foundation of the whole process of affiliate marketing and by following them one can easily become a successful affiliate marketer.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Hi Mi Muba Sir,
      Thank you for sparing your time to read and comment your opinion on affiliate marketing, all the three points you mentioned are very important to become successful affiliate marketer.
      Thank you for adding value to the article.

  • Articles for affiliate marketing should be salable pieces! The
    Internet marketer must realize this and make the necessary promotion.

    For these types of articles to work, they must create value for the reader via informative, educative, and entertaining content
    Your advise on factors to consider when writing for affiliate marketing is in order!
    I left this comment in as well

  • Affiliate marketing is of the favorite ways to make extra
    money online. One reason is that many marketers find it easy to connect with

    Marketers line of attacks are many. One is they research
    their market effectively. Useful especially in writing for your blog. You have
    to spot your target market to create a write-up that suits them. After that,
    write a list of questions that your target market might be asking. By doing so,
    you’re showing your readers that they are your main concern.

  • Omar S Kenawy


    No matter how you go about it, affiliate marketing is a proven, effective way to increase your revenues from blogging. However the matter is creating quality content that pre-sell your affiliate products to your visitors.

    It`s all about how to solve your visitors problems and offer them the ideal solutions.


    Omar Saady

  • Great post Sid, I am just entering in the world of Affiliate marketing & this post helped me alot.
    Will try to focus on all your points.
    Looking forward to hear more from you.
    Wish you a very happy Marry Christmas 🙂
    ~ Ahmad from Tutorials Fist