How To Increase Domain Authority For Your Blog?

How To Increase Domain Authority for your blog

Every blogger primary goal is increasing domain authority on Google search rankings; it brings a lot of organic traffic to your blog/website, improves brand reputation, builds trust among the people, and indicates your expertise on that particular niche.

Lot of factors decides your domain authority, it’s purely competitive in nature, when you wanted to be giant on your niche you have to be strong on all aspects related to that topic, selecting highly competitive niche takes lot of time and effort  to get domain authority, because lot of people are doing more hard work than you.

We all know the importance of SEO for our websites or blog and we do take care of it, at the same time all our competitors also know these basic SEO things, they are also taking care of it to compete with you.

As I said before a lot of factors influences to increase domain authority, if we focus on some activities which other bloggers are not doing, and  start doing those activities then getting high rankings, reputation is not a hard one.

Now I will share some of my findings which other bloggers are not doing if you have time and creativity to do these findings, in long run becoming giant on your niche is 100% possible.

How To Increase Domain Authority

All these activities will improve the chances of getting high rank in search engines, still it depends on our competitor’s strength, if we have less competition, it takes less time, and if we have larger competition then it takes longer.

Making Videos On Each Post To Increase Domain Authority

How many bloggers around the world are making videos for all their posts?

Making a 3 to 4 minutes video to describe a summary of your post article will bring lot of attention on internet, if you rehearse yourself to host a video on your article then we can see lot of difference on our blog traffic, it is a proven method to get traffic, 99% of the bloggers are not utilizing this opportunity, even me.

I don’t have a pleasing personality and confidence to speak on video; still I am rehearsing myself on test videos to host one, once I become perfect on my accent and confidence definitely I will utilize this opportunity.

If you notice the activity of Mr. Amit Agarwal on his recent article you will get an idea, why he is doing and hosting videos on YouTube.

Check out his recent Video.


Writing Long (more than 1500 words) Articles

Most of the bloggers write articles between 500 to 800 words, very low percentage of people write articles between 1000 to 1500 words, very little number of people writes more than 1500 words article on their blog.

Increasing words with unnecessary information will not add any value to your content, giving more examples, more case studies, documented data references, analysis data, and comparisons information all these things add value to your content.

If we make of habit of writing more than 1500 words article on each post, then it will attract a number of readers and increases session duration time on our blog.

Making Podcasts On Our Article

Podcasts are another way of engaging with people, in India still it is not popular but in the United States and the United Kingdom there is a large number of audience who hears your podcasts, IOS (Apple’s mobile software) supports Podcasts and lot of Apple users download and hear their interested topics.

I do hear and follow some of the users on my Podcast

Example:  Kim Roach from

Kim Roach Buzzblogger Podcast

For nonphotogenic face bloggers who are confident on their accent can try this method to reach some more people.

Utilizing Infographics

This is another way of interacting with people, recently infographics are gaining popularity, and being a blogger we cannot spend a lot of time on creating infographics because it  needs  designing skills.

Also, Read How To Create Infographics For Free

we can acquire a freelancer to make infographics for us, Fiverr is the best way to get infographics as per our requirement, there are so many people on Fiverr who are ready to provide their designs for 5 $.

Occasionally promoting our blog posts using infographics brings lot of quality backlinks.

Example: Mr. Neil Patel from QuickSprout.Com

One of his infographic from his post articles.

Create Unique Content & Know Your Keywords

Everywhere one common solution we find for a lot of blog related problems likes to get traffic or to increase page ranks or  increase reader engagement  or  to decrease bounce rate.

One common solution everyone advice are unique content, how can we create unique content there are hundreds of bloggers regularly posting something or other on the internet.

One thing we have to remember “Knowledge is not invented, it is acquired”

  • More you read about topics more you get knowledge.
  • More you experiment more experience you get.
  • More you face problems more solutions you get.

Writing your personal experiences gives authority to your topic, try to explore more about the topic, spend a lot of time on researching, don’t look at your quantity of articles, and concentrate on the quality of the article.

Search engine algorithms have depended upon Keywords; we have to know all the related keywords of our niche.

Day by day search engine robots are getting clever by so many updates still they have depended on keywords, they search for related keywords in your content, try to include more related keywords to your SEO focused phrase on your content, take the help of Easy WP SEO plugin to find out the related keywords, so many professional bloggers use it.

Example:  Mr. Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud.Com

Read his article about Easy WP SEO

Update Your SEO Skills

Google is now more focused to giving best results to their search users; to filter the best content they are continuously updating their algorithms.

Also, Read How To Check SEO Status Of Website 

There are more than 200 factors which can influence these search results, even the top most SEO consultant don’t know all these 200 factors, but top SEO consultants knows the major factors which can influence the page ranks, and continuously experimenting on that to know more about SEO algorithms.

Continuously update your SEO skills by reading articles on


All the above blogs give more information about SEO.

Follow the YouTube videos of Moz for better understanding.


Conclusion: I hope this article has given answers about How To Increase Domain Authority For Your Blog? , If you want to add any value to the content, please contact me, I will try to add your suggestions.

  • H. T. Major

    Some good advice here – I like the one about adding vids *to* blog posts. That’s an interesting spin. Ironically, just yesterday, I thought of doing a brief summary video at the beginning of a post, then letting the article serve as full details on the topic. :} For now though, I’m beginning to create vids *out of* my posts and submit them as content to relevant places. Anyway, will certainly RT this one, Siddaiah!

    • H.T.Major,
      Thank you for your appreciation, summary videos really help articles to bring traffic to your blog.

  • Good points Sid.

    I liked the one about videos. In my niche (personal tech reviews), videos are paramount. Although I am OK with generating small clippings or slideshows, I am shy and reluctant to go full out and produce quality videos which are a few minutes long. Something I need to work on in the 2015.

    This is a good article with some solid advice. Thanks for sharing.

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