InfusionSoft Pricing, Features And Benefits- Brief Review

InfusionSoft pricing features and benefits

InfusionSoft pricing looks expensive when you look at their pricing structure but if you look at the complete InfusionSoft features, benefits, and ROI users are getting with this software then you feel their pricing is worthful every penny.

From long back I have a question in my mind why InfusionSoft is so costly? and how so many people are using this service even if it is expensive?

I know, most of you have the same question in your mind like me but never tried to know about this email marketing software for small businesses and bloggers who are selling their services or products online.

Last month I did an extensive research about this product to know how InfusionSoft works? how it benefits its users? why are people migrating to this service? and who are right customers to this product?.

After doing the research I got the answers to all my questions and found it worthful for those people who are using different Softwares for different purposes.

You didn’t  get it, right, I know, I will simplify the understanding process with an example.

If you take Mr. Spencer Haws (Long Tail Pro), who is professional blogger and has a popular product to sell online then he needs to use three Softwares

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) like SalesForce
  2. Financial transactions software like SendGrid
  3. Newsletter software like Aweber or GetResponse

All the above products are used for different purposes and all the above products are expensive individually if you have a large customer base.InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft fulfills and provides all these three products features in a single product, so comparing InfusionSoft individually with Aweber, SalesForce, and SendGrid is not Ideal.

Today I thought of sharing my knowledge about InfusionSoft through this article, so let’s jump into our main topic.

InfusionSoft Pricing, Features, And Benefits

Before moving ahead with features and benefits of InfusionSoft, we will have a look at the pricing structure.

InfusionSoft Pricing

InfusionSoft Pricing

InfusionSoft offers four types of plans

  • Essentials Plan- $199 per month for 2500 contacts, email quota limit is 12500/month, 3 users are eligible to use, with this plan we get “Contact Management” and “Marketing Automation” features without the important features “sales automation” and “E-Commerce”.
  • Deluxe Plan- $299 per month for 5000 contacts, email quota limit is 25000/ month, 4 users are eligible to use, with this plan we are allowed to use either sales automation or E-commerce features along with essential plan features
  • Complete Plan- $379 per month for 10000 contacts, email quota is 50000/month, 5 users can use this service, it offers all the features of “Contact management”, “Marketing automation”, “Sales automation” and “E-commerce”
  • Team Plan- $599 per month for 20000 contacts, email quota is 100,000/month, 10 users are eligible to use this service it covers all the features of like complete plan.

As you can see it is expensive to opt for until unless you have the right turnover for your business, for small businesses and internet marketers who have their own products with good profits then it is the right choice to use.

InfusionSoft Features And Benefits

Best CRM: Customer relationship management is essential for every business, getting subscribers offline or online, tracking their behavior related to our marketing emails, interaction and engagement of the user to offers and discounts for upsells is possible with the right CRM software, InfusionSoft has the required features increase sales from the same customer.

Marketing Automation: Automation is another good factor for marketing success, whenever new customer signs up it will send a series of follow-up emails to the subscribers at predefined intervals which engages and helps the customer to remember our brand name.

Sales Automation: Setting up online store, managing inventory, billing, discount, promos, offers, coupons all sales activities are covered by sales automation features, best part of InfusionSoft sale automation is it integrates with CRM software in single product, when somebody purchases any product then it triggers all the personalized communication sequence with the customer.

Email Deliverability: deliverability is another concerning factor for small businesses when we compare email deliverability rates with the competitors, InfusionSoft scores good deliverability rates.

Here are some other features

  • Landing page publishing
  • Affiliate management program feature
  • Drag and drop features for email newsletter and landing page creation
  • Built-in keywords and metadata fields
  • Payments processing
  • Sales tracking
  • Social sharing feature
  • The Web forms to capture leads
  • Sales and conversion report

All the above features are important to run a successful online business, so this software is ideal for internet marketers, e-commerce sites and small businesses who are running their business online.

Conclusion: As I said before InfusionSoft is useful for those internet marketers who are regularly selling their products online with good profits and don’t want to use different Softwares for different purposes.

InfusionSoft is an expensive product for normal bloggers who doesn’t have any products to sell online and definitely, it is a good product if digital products to sell online, one thing I noticed recently is every professional blogger is selling their own services and products online to improve their income.

I request you to kindly share your opinion and thoughts about this InfusionSoft pricing, features, and benefits article in the comments section.