Long Tail Pro Discount $297/Year Awesome Platinum Features Review

Are you looking for a Long tail pro discount code coupon? Are you confused about Platinum VS Pro versions then you should read this post to take decision according to your requirement?

Update: Long tail pro recently discontinued two versions like Pro and Platinum and stopped selling the product for the one-time payment for a lifetime.

Now we can use Long tail Platinum services for monthly and annual subscriptions, you will get 33% discount on the annual subscription.

Long back (black Friday 2015) I was talking with my fellow blogger and he said he bought Long tail pro on discounted price, but he said he is missing one important feature in his pro version.

I asked him what you missed? 

He replied "Keyword competitiveness" (Platinum version feature).

I shared above conversation to let you know how some bloggers are confused about Pro VS Platinum versions.

I am promoting Long Tail Pro Discount Coupons from two years.

One thing I noticed in their promotional strategy is they throw discounts  between 70% to 40 % very frequently at various seasons and events.

We should wait for the right time to get maximum discount, but now they stopped offering frequent discounts after converting this tool to a monthly subscription plan.

I am writing this post to update you latest Long Tail Platinum discount information and the difference between Platinum and Pro version.

long tail pro discount

Long Tail Pro Discount Code And Platinum Features

What You Will Learn

  • Latest Long Tail Pro Discount coupon information
  • What are long tail keywords
  • Who and why one should buy it
  • How Long tail pro works
  • Long Tail Platinum Features

Long Tail Pro Discount Coupon (2016) 33% discount On Annual Subscription

I am assuming that you have already researched about this product and looking for the discount offer to buy one.

Here you can check Mr Pat Flynn's words about Long Tail Pro.‚Äč

Mr Pat Flynn's words about Long tail pro discount

If you don't know anything about this product then  don't worry I will share brief information about long tail keywords(LTK), how LTK is useful to bloggers to get better organic traffic, and how it works.

What are Long Tail Keywords? 

Every day people search for specific long keyword phrases which contain 3 to 5 keywords on Google search to know specific information rather than using general single keywords, as per the Wiki keyword research information 20-25% searches per day are long tail keywords.

For Example,

Just think You are planning to promote SEMrush to get an affiliate commission from your blog.

If you choose "SEMrush review" keyword then your blog is not going to rank for that keyword on the first page of Google because this is high competitive keyword among bloggers.

If you target long tail keywords like "SEMrush for affiliate marketing", "SEMrush for keyword research", "SEMrush for competitor analysis" then chances of ranking on the first page and getting sales commissions is possible.

Here is the chart by MOZ which shows long tail keyword search volume, image source: MOZ

long tail keywords data by MOZ

Who And Why One Should buy it?

If you are a new blogger struggling to get organic traffic and don't know to pick the right keywords especially long tail keywords for your articles, then it is the best tool to choose.

Internet marketing is becoming crowded every day, randomly writing articles without proper research will not give you good results, even if you write unique and complete information article with 4000+ words may not guarantee the first-page position in Google if you choose high competition keyword.

Using tools like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, MOZ bar (to know domain authority) will help you to find the less competitive keywords for your articles which can rank easily on search engines.

Long Tail Pro is recommended for below list of people.

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Social Media Experts
  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Internet Marketers
Long Tail Pro perfect for

How Long Tail Pro Works?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research software which uses Google keyword tool with your Google credentials to retrieve the information of keywords searched on Google.

It requires Adobe Air on your PC to run the application, once you install the software on your computer you can use this tool to find out below list information.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Pay Per Click Analysis
  • Real time filtering
  • Exact Domain Check
  • Rank Checker

I wrote a complete Long Tail Pro Platinum review and made one video about how to use it, check out the video here.

Long Tail Pro VS Platinum Comparison

As you can see from the below screenshot Long Tail Platinum version have only two additional features

long tail pro vs platinum
  1. Keyword competitiveness
  2. Option to import 10,000 keywords at once
  3. Create custom calculations from keyword results (Not yet released)

# Keyword Competitiveness: when we do keyword research on long tail platinum it adds another column comparative to pro  version that is keyword competitiveness it shows a simple calculate button for each keyword displayed on the results page to calculate keyword competition at present for that keyword. 

Keyword competitiveness score is 0 to 100 if the score is 1 to 10 we can consider there is no competition for that keyword, 10-20 extremely low competition, 20-30 low competition, 30-40 moderate competition, 40-50 high competition, 50-60 extremely high competition, 70-100 impossible to rank. 

long tail platinum keyword competitiveness feature chart

# Import 10,000 keywords at once: Usually, in pro version there is a limitation to import keywords to do research but whereas in platinum we can import up to 10,000 to keywords to do research, it is useful for organizations which have a good team of content writers.

In Long Tail Pro website they provided us a video which shows the features of Long Tail Platinum in action, check out this video to get the fair idea about platinum version features. 

Standard pricing structure for Pro And Platinum versions

Long Tail Pro

  • Discontinued

Long Tail Platinum

  • $37 Monthly payment
  • $352 for annual plan


In this long tail pro discount and platinum vs pro I tried to share latest discount coupon and comparison between those two versions which will be useful to you to decide which version to buy and at what time to buy to get the maximum discount.

Special Note

As I said before Long Tail Pro is offering discount only on Long Tail Platinum annual subscription so buying annual plan saves $147 for you.

Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate links where I will get commissions if you purchase long tail pro from those links.

  • Great to know this. I have bought LTP full version on Black Friday already, and got huge discount.

    • Hi Atish,

      I have only pro version but Platinum version is the best choice to know keyword competitiveness for our researched keyword on LTP, I am happy to know that you got the LTP full version at huge discounted price on Black Friday.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your opinion about this article, see you soon.

  • Sounds like a great thing to have. I have bought so many keyword things in the past but I may check this one out soon.

    • Hi Monna,

      Great to see you on my blog and sharing your opinion about Long Tail Platinum tool, I wondering why you have not bought this tool till now being senior in blogosphere.

      I know you are not like us, you write articles for readers and you don’t think about the search engines.