MyThemeShop Authority WordPress Theme Review

MyThemeShop Authority WordPress theme review

Recently MyThemeShop launched Authority WordPress theme to replicate the look and feel of Mr. Matthew Woodward‘s blog.

I was previously using Schema WordPress theme from MyThemeShop and it really helped me to rank better on search engines because of its SEO friendly nature, after using that theme for one year I thought of changing the look and feel of my blog’s theme without loosing Schema WordPress theme advantages.

As you know, I don’t change themes frequently and I will try to stick to the theme for minimum one year so I have to take care of everything in terms of look and features.

When I came across the MyThemeShop Authority theme, I felt, it would be a perfect fit for my blog because I am following Matthew Woodward’s blog from a long time and he is the genius in affiliate marketing and tier link building strategies and it influenced me to follow his theme style.

From last three weeks, I am using Authority theme on my blog and I have chosen another pre-designed template available on this theme to avoid same design of Matthew Woodward.

Today I am going to share MyThemeShop Authority WordPress theme review without going into in-depth details about each and every feature which are common on MyThemeShop themes and one more thing if you have not yet joined MyThemeShop affiliate program then you are missing a lot of money, just click here to know about the advantages of this affiliate program.

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Now we will jump into our main topic without any further delay.

MyThemeShop Authority WordPress Theme Review

Distinctive Features Of Authority WordPress theme

  • Unique Author introduction widget
  • Child theme support
  • Dedicated performance options
  • Pre- designed templates
  • Schema Integration
  • Sticky Social share buttons
  • Award Badges option
  • Custom Header
  • Ads Management option
  • Twelve custom widgets
  • Unlimited color selection
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Pre-Installed widgets
  • Fluid responsive design
  • SEO ready

Unique Author introduction widget: Whenever I see any western blogger’s blog, they will definitely include the author widget on the right sidebar which looks amazing to introduce ourselves with the new readers but unfortunately we don’t have proper WordPress widget plugin for this, long back I tried to add this type of widget on my blog but I was unsuccessful, Authority theme comes with an inbuilt Author widget.

authority wordpress theme review author widget

Child Theme Support: Child themes are useful to import our customizations on new templates within the parent theme, we have six different predesigned templates on Authority theme if you want to shift to another template then you can easily migrate to that template without losing any customizations.

Dedicated Performance option: Performance control panel allows us prefetching, lazy load, async javascript, and remove “ver” parameters in JS & CSS files for fast loading.

Previously I used to use “BZ Lazy load WordPress plugin” to improve the speed of page load time now I am using this option.

authority wordpress theme review performance settings

6 Pre-designed Templates: Authority theme comes with predesigned templates so that we can choose the theme as per our need, it gives us six variations of look.

Here are the list of templates

  • Affiliate (Default)
  • Review
  • Travel
  • Tech
  • Squeeze page
  • Shop

authority wordpress theme review templates

Schema Integration: Schema markup is another important factor to rank better in search engines, Authority theme comes with Schema integration so that our article can display rich snippets for reviews and event on SERP (search engine results page).

Sticky Social Share buttons: Usually we keep social sharing buttons on the top of the content to encourage social shares.

Sticky social share buttons are the new feature I noticed in this theme where our social sharing buttons will stick to the screen when we scroll the content.

Award Badges Option: I don’t have any awards so I didn’t use this option but this is the best option to display awards to increase trust and brand visibility.

Custom Header: Have you tried customizing the header on Genesis framework it takes hell lot of time to get the desired look but in MyThemeShop themes changing the colors, logo, the background color is very easy.

Ads Management: All MyThemeShop themes come with this option to manage ads, personally I felt Authority theme is perfect suit to display ads on the right sidebar and leaderboard.

Custom Widgets: We do depend on various plugins for various purposes like reviews, author boxes, subscriber boxes, related posts, social media widgets and so on, MyThemeShop has custom widgets built in within the theme which avoids over usage other unnecessary plugins.

Google Fonts Support: I am very particular about the fonts displayed on my blog because we have to choose the web safe fonts to provide the best readability experience to the users, Authority theme supports Google fonts so you have to chance to choose from wide range of Google fonts.

Fluid Responsive: Responsiveness themes are mandatory now as per the Google guidelines this theme perfectly fits into all screen sizes and MyThemeShop themes are retina ready themes so it looks crystal clear on Apple products like iPhone, Ipad, MacBook, and IMac.

One Year Free Update: You will get one year free updates for your newly bought theme, later you have to renew your account to get updates.

Premium Forum Support: MyThemeShop offers premium forum support for one year which provides you solutions for your problems.

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Over To You

I hope this MyThemShop Authority WordPress theme review given you all the details you need to know about this theme to decide whether to buy this theme or not.

All views shared on this article are my personal views about this theme if you have any doubts regarding its features please leave your message in the comments box and I request other readers to kindly share your opinions, experiences about MyThemeShop themes so that other readers will get insightful information about their themes.

  • Hi Saddaiah,

    Well thanks for writing a detailed review about Authority WordPress Theme which is in fact an amazing theme for bloggers. Successful Blogger and affiliate marketer Matthew Woodward is also using the same theme on its blogs which indicates the significance of this spectacular theme.

    Keep sharing 🙂



    • Hi Muhammad,

      I am glad to see you on my blog again, I am following Matthewwoodward from long time I am amazed to see his affiliate success every month because he regularly publishes his monthly income.

      From last one year I am using Schema theme, just thought of changing it, fortunately I came across this one and started using it.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your message about this Authority theme review.

  • Hello Siddaiah,

    Authority is an awesome theme as I am using it for one of my blogs. However, I like many of MTS’ themes as well such as Schema, Point Pro, SociallyViral, etc. MTS team is doing great.

    And, you did a great job by writing such a nice review of Authority.

    • Hi Atish,

      I do agree with you MTS is doing great these days compared to Genesis Studiopress, one thing I found MTS is customization of colors and fonts is very easy as per our need.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion about Authority theme, see you soon.

  • Reji Stephenson

    Hi Siddaiah,

    This is the first time I am visiting your site and glad to see review of ‘Authority’ theme. I used to change frequently and never satisfied with most of the themes but this theme that Mathewwoodward use in his blog has some special attraction for me and hence I started using it for the last few months and hoping to use the same for long time. I never had any problems so far with Mythemeshop themes. The loading speed of this theme seems to be very good and the colour combinations used have a special attraction.

    I am happy that I saw one more blog with wonderfu and very useful contents and hence to visit again to read more posts.

    Hoping to have more interactions in future.

    Once again thanks for sharing this review.

    Have a great time blogging.

    Best regards

    Reji Stephenson

    • Hi Reji Stephenson,

      I am glad that you liked this review, I know, you too using this theme on your blog and I think you are the first one who wrote the review about Authority theme for the first time.

      I started using this theme from last three weeks, previously I was using Schema theme from MyThemeShop.

      MyThemeShop themes gives flexibility to the user to change the colors and fonts which is very useful for non developers.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your genuine experience about this Authority theme, I will be in touch with you and your blog.

  • Hi Siddiaiah,
    I have been using Mythemshop’s theme for years and the theme provided by them are always good.
    But But I say that authority theme must be have provided an awesome review about.
    Thanks for sharing, And keep up the good work.

    • Hi Robin,

      I am glad to see you message on my blog, Yes, so many bloggers are loving MyThemeShop themes because of its affordability and flexibility available to customize the themes as per our need.

      Thanks for sparing your valuable to read and share your thoughts about Authority WordPress theme review.

  • Hi as you are using both themes what would you suggest between Authority and Schema.

    • Hi Sumit,

      Both are good themes, Schema looks flat in design, whereas Authority theme has four other variants to choose like child themes as per our taste but Schema does not have different variants.

      Today special promotion is going on MyThemeShop offering any theme or plugin for $9 this is best price to get the desired theme from MTS.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your question, see you soon.

  • Howard Milstein

    When it says “ads management” is that the same as Adsense optimized, e.g. Newspaper and newsmag themes”

  • Howard Milstein

    It’s interesting that you mentioned two other theme reviews besides Authority I am considering: schema and sociallyviral. Any subjective conclusive opinions between the 3? Will be blogging with hopefully some product reviews. Adsense

  • Excellent theme. I am using Mythemeshop’s premium theme for last some years, so I can say that their customer service is great.They replies to our threads within a couple of minutes and solve the issue within a few hours.

    I checked Authority theme, really impressed with layout for tech sites. thank you very much for this writing.

  • Nice review!