Ninja Outreach Review-By Its Features And Benefits

Recently I started reading case studies of successful bloggers to know what strategies they are using to become successful, one thing I noticed is most of these successful new bloggers are using influencer outreach to ignite and propel their blog traffic.

I am following "Brian Dean of Backlinko" from a long time, he pitches about blogger outreach in most of his articles to build backlinks and he even gives some example templates to follow to reach fellow bloggers.

We know the importance of blogger outreach but we don't know how to get started with this strategy, today I am going to review about Ninja outreach tool which helps us to find influencers and bloggers to reach out for building backlinks, guest blogging, social shares.

Ninja outreach review

Review Of: Ninja Outreach

 Use of : Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is very easy with this outreach software


Worth paying if you know  how to do influencer marketing

 Ease of Use

Easy to use and some features need upgrades


Prompt support

Blogger plan starts $29 / month

Before going ahead with Ninja outreach review, we should know about the advantages of influencer marketing to get the maximum advantage from this tool, so let's jump into our topic.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are well-known persons in your niche or industry where all your targeted audience follow and listen to their instructions because they proved themselves as an authoritative and expert person related to your subject.

Influencers marketing is a method we follow to develop relationships with the industry experts to improve our brand visibility through them like, writing a guest post on influencer blog, getting a social share about our brand on their social profiles, getting a backlink to our site.

So many of us think influencer marketing is difficult to gain trust from influencers, yes, I agree with you, it is difficult if you don't how to deal with those experts, once you understand the dynamics of the method we can easily become experts influencer marketing.

Ninja Outreach Review 

What Is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja outreach is influencer marketing tool which helps us to find the bloggers and influencers related to our keyword phrases and creates a list to send emails in pre-defined templates automatically to them with a personal touch.

​We can consider this tool as all in one tool to find, organize, craft and design email templates in a single tool to reach influencers.

Here is the screenshot list to whom and where it is useful.

Ninja outreach useful for

Here is a short video which gives some glimpse about what is Ninja outreach

How Ninja Outreach is useful in influencer marketing?

Now we briefly know what is influencer marketing and what Ninja outreach is, but we don't know how it actually works to reach influencers, in this Ninja outreach review I will show you the main features of this tool, let's jump into the topic.

Main Sections

  • Prospecting
  • Contacts
  • Outreach


Prospecting is the main section in this software where it allows us to search bloggers and influencers with different filters to refine our search to get right influencers related to our niche like social media following, social shares, page authority and domain authority.

Prospecting has two options

  • Content prospecting
  • social prospecting

Content prospecting is useful to know influential websites information like page authority, domain authority, backlinks, Alexa rank and etc so we have to spend some time here to find out whether that website is run by an organization or an individual to outreach the influential person. 

Here is the screenshot of content prospecting for marketing blogs keyword.

Ninja outreach content prospecting

Social prospecting option gives us details about Twitter and Instagram influencers with their names, follower counts, location, bio description, email address and their website name.

We can refine our search by using some tags like bloggers, influencers, followers to get right data for our influencer marketing.

Here is the screenshot of social prospecting for food bloggers keyword.

Ninja outreach social prospecting


A contact section is a place where we can create new lists or edit existing lists, we can export these list into an excel spreadsheet for future reference, under this section there are two options one is list management and second one your prospects.

List Management is only useful to create new lists and modifying existing lists for a keyword, here we can import our own contacts to the list, other than this there is not much use with this section.

Your Prospects is the main section where we can see the all the information about our prospects and it just looks like prospecting dashboard but here we will find 3 icons with blue color for every prospect, from here we can send an email to that prospect by using our own template or pre-designed template.

your prospect


Template section is useful to create and manage pre-designed email templates to reach prospects, creating templates from scratch is very easy with this tool to include personalized information about the prospects like first name, last name, blog URL,  page title, page URL domain authority, Facebook URL and etc.

Template creation

All these custom fields which are in dotted boxes at the left side of the screenshot can be drag and drop into the subject or body of the email which automatically pulls out the prospect information, if you are using  any email autoresponder then you can understand how it personalizes the emails.

We can integrate our email accounts to know the stats of our email campaign like  email sents, opens, clicks, and replies. 

Autofill Contact Forms

Autofill contact form is very useful to save a lot of time which automatically fills all the fields of contact form in the prospects website with our pre-designed template and it even keeps track of that email outreach in our campaign history.

Autofill contact forms

Pros And Cons of Ninja Outreach


  • All in one software
  • Best Influencer list organizer
  • Saves a lot of time to find influencers information easily
  • Sending personalization emails looks professional rather than spammy
  • Pre designed templates 
  • Drag and drop interface to create new templates
  • Autofill contact forms option
  • Ability to track email outreach campaign


  • All filters are not working properly in prospecting section
  • Don't have different types pre designed templates to use instantly
  • Web app missing some features compared to the desktop version
  • All social media platforms are not included except Twitter and Instagram in social prospecting section. 

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Pricing looks reasonable to me if we look at the time you are saving for your influencer marketing if you are an experienced blogger and knows how to utilize this strategy to become successful then go ahead and buy this product.

I am advising new bloggers to gain some experience in this approach and go ahead buying this product to become successful in short time.


Ninja outreach pricing

Summary: In this Ninja outreach review, I tried to share its benefits to the bloggers to save time with this tool to become successful in short period of time using influencer marketing.

I am requesting you to share your opinions in the comments section about this software so that other readers will get a fair idea about this strategy.

  • Ninja Outreach seems an awesome tool for all of us!
    And you wrote an awesome review about it.
    I would surely try this out!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    ~ Ahmad

  • Hey Sid,

    This really seems to be helpful. Will definitely give a try. Thank you.