What Is An Opt In Email Marketing & Its Benefits?

Opt In Email Marketing

As a blogger we know the importance of Email Marketing and how our newsletters bring consistent traffic to our blog without depending upon SEO.

Whenever we publish a new content on our blog we don’t get organic traffic immediately to that post, because there are so many factors which search engines consider to show on Google search.

Building Subscriber list is possible only through Opt in Email marketing.

What is An Opt in Email Marketing

Opt in’s are sign up forms used to collect the email addresses and readers consent to send promotional newsletter to their inbox.

Simply it is the right royal permission from the reader to send promotional newsletters to their mail box.

At present blogs, websites, eCommerce platforms and online businesses are collecting email addresses from the readers to inform about their new updates.

Types of Opt In

  1. Unconfirmed opt in
  2. Confirmed opt in
  3. Opt out

Unconfirmed opt in

It’s a single step opt in to collect email address from the reader, no steps has been taken to confirm whether that email address belongs to him or not, some people may misuse this option by typing someone else email address or unknown email address.

Confirmed Opt in

Its two step process once the reader subscribes to your blog or website, opt in email marketing software requests the subscriber to confirm his email by sending a confirmation request mail to his email ID.

Once the subscriber confirms his email authentication then he will be confirmed as your subscriber, this type of process cut down spammer subscribers.

Opt Out

E Commerce websites, mobile apps and third party software’s which uses Social media platforms to log in into their services are using this type of method to collect your email addresses; most of the organizations are using this option for hassle free process.

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Confirmed Opt in Email Marketing Benefits

Using double opt in method to collect the email addresses from our readers is the best option to choose, because this confirmed method has so many benefits to the reader as well as to the publisher.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Subscriber don’t get spam emails
  • Misusing of contact not happen
  • His mail Id is secured

Publisher Benefits

Improves Brand Reputation

As a publisher if we use double opt-in method to sign up, then our subscribers think we are practicing good methods to collect the email addresses, they will start trusting our brand from day one.

Double opt-in method is little bit time taking process for the subscribers; still it builds the relationship between publisher and subscriber.

Building trust and relationship improves our brand reputation.

More Targeted Subscribers

Genuine and targeted subscribers will complete the double opt in method, whoever not interested or just signing up by the force of pop ups are filtered in this methods

More the targeted subscriber list we build, more successful email marketing campaigns we can do.

Increase Click through rate

All Email marketing campaigns are depended on click through rates,  if you have large subscriber base and click through rates are 10% then your email marketing campaign will not bring any value.

If you have built targeted subscribers then click through rates will increase automatically.

Saves Your Time & Money

Some Email Marketing Services charge money based on your subscribe list number and number of emails you are using.

If you have less number of targeted subscribers then it will cost you very less money to do more useful campaigns to your subscribers.

Subscriber segmentation and knowing their behavior by analytics and researching about them is very easy with targeted subscribers list, which is ultimately saves your time & money.

Best Places To Add Opt In Forms

Till now we have talked about building targeted subscribers to our blog, but it doesn’t mean we should not concentrate on building those list very quickly.

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Here are some of the places where we get our subscribers eyelids

  • Notification bar (Hello Bar)
  • Top place of Right Sidebar
  • Footer of the blog article
  • Add subscribe page to Menu
  • Using Pop up
  • Asking your reader to subscribe

Different places for opt ins gives different results, test all the places to get more subscribers, whichever gives you the best results stick on with that.

There are some plugins available which can convince the reader to subscribe to your blog, like Optinmonster service.

Use this type of services if you want to build your subscriber list very fast.

Conclusion:  I have shared my knowledge about Opt in email marketing, if you want to add something value to this post kindly contact me by adding a comments to this article, I will try to include that information.

Best of Luck.


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