SEOPressor Connect Review: Best On Page SEO WordPress Plugin?

Search engine traffic is an essential part of blogging to reach maximum targeted people and earn a decent amount of money from our hard work.

Search engine optimization starts from on page SEO and we are taking the precautions to follow the basics but still we don't know how we optimized the content even after using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

I agree Yoast is the best plugin for on-page SEO and everybody is using it including me, have you ever thought, how some other professional bloggers like Harsh Agarwal optimizing their content, they are using premium plugins like SEOPressor to optimize their content far better than other people.

For example,

Yoast plugin doesn't suggest LSI keywords for on page SEO which is important to rank better in search engines.

Today I am going to share SEOPressor review which is the premium on page SEO WordPress plugin to know whether it is worthful to buy or not.

SEOPressor review

Review of: SEOPressor

Use of : On page SEO


Proper on page SEO optimization is possible with this plugin


Flexibility to start with $5 per month or we can buy with one time payment

Ease of use

Easy to use and so many online tutorials available.


Excellent support

SEOPressor Plan Starts $5 / per month

SEOPressor Review

Real Time Optimization SEO Score

SEOPressor on-page SEO score

When we are writing content we do neglect keyword density, placement of LSI keywords, H1, H2, H3 tags, content length, image alt tags, internal and external links and fonts decoration, we think we will complete all these things once we complete writing the article but at the end of the day we may not scan all the things which are important for on-page SEO.

Yoast plugins help a lot to notify some of the points but it won't gives us any score but SEOPressor analyzes everything and calculates on-page SEO score by using its own algorithm which correlates same as Google algorithm.

 Another best part of this plugin is it suggests us what to tweak to get the maximum score, we can use 3 keywords to optimize our content to rank for multiple keywords which not possible with Yoast SEO plugin.

Over optimization Notifier To Prevent Penalty

SEOPressor Over optimization check

This is the great feature of SEOPressor we do stuff so many keywords in our content and we don't know the ratio between content length and targeted keywords we used in our articles, sometimes we may over-optimize our content by using so many links, LSI keywords, decorating keywords with bold and italics.

In Yoast SEO plugin it never warns about these things and finding over optimization manually is not at all possible because we think and believe we did the best job for our content.

SEOPressor notifies low optimization and over optimization with the red color score and suggests all the things which are important to get the score between 85% to 100% for better optimization.

Keyword Decoration

Keyword decoration

One thing I noticed is so many bloggers don't use bold and italic fonts in their content except for headlines, search engines do consider these decorated keywords to understand your content.

SEOPressor plugin has the option in settings to add alt tags for images automatically, bold, italics, H1, H2, H3 tags come under keyword decoration in this plugin. 

LSI keywords Suggestion

LSI Keyword suggestion

Experienced bloggers are well aware of LSI keywords importance in search engine ranking but as per my knowledge so many new bloggers are not using this strategy to rank for multiple keywords from a single article.

If you don't know what is LSI keywords and its importance is search engine rankings from this link.

SEOPressor plugin uses Bing API to suggest LSI keywords and you need Bing webmaster account to enable this option which is free to use just like Google webmaster tools.

Structured Data Support For Rich Snippets

SEOPressor rich snippets

Rich snippets will get high CTR compared to general results especially if it is a review, event or recipe, Google displays rich snippets if you follow structured markup and SEOPressor take care of it.

My initial days of blogging I never concentrated on rich snippets later I started using it at present my schema theme has built-in structured data markup.

Star ratings in the search results tend to grab the attention of the user which improves the click through rate.

Automatic Smart Linking

automatic smart linking

Smart linking is another best option to add internal links automatically in our content, we manually interlink our old articles in our  new content but sometimes we do forget to interlink all possible articles.

There are two benefits with internal links, the first one is it allows users to stay for a longer period on our blog, second is it improves search engine traffic to old posts.

I am not advising you to use this option because we have to take care of the anchor text in internal links.

Social SEO Support

SEOPressor social support

Social media signals can impact search engine rankings if you properly use social media, SEOPressor lets you add Facebook open graph and Twitter cards to display articles in a better way in Facebook and Twitter.

SEOPressor Pricing

SEOPressor Pricing

SEOPressor pricing is very flexible to buy this product or use its services monthly, a single site license for the lifetime is $47, multiple site license for the lifetime is $97 or we can use this plugin on multiple sites by paying monthly $5.

Here is the short 2 minutes video about SEOPressor which shows everything that I discussed above in this article.

Summary: I am using Yoast WordPress SEO plugin from long back but using SEOPressor will definitely help improve our rankings compared Yoast plugin.

Keyword density, LSI keyword suggestions, SEO score, keyword decoration are best features available in this plugin.


This article contains affiliate links that mean I do earn a commission if you buy this product from these links without any extra cost.

  • NIce Review Sir
    I really like the way you presented the features of SEOPressor.
    It is a great help of me already. ranking pages on google seems very hard for me without SEOPressor.
    Thanks and Have a nice day sir

    • Hi Vashistha Kapoor,

      I know you are using this plugin and read your review about this product on your blog before writing this article, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience.

      See you soon, keep rocking.

  • Hey Siddaiah,

    This was a great review. I’ve been using SEOPressor for almost 4 years now and it’s been a great help and guide to make my blog posts SEO friendly.

    I did not know that it also suggest LSI Keywords, and this gives me something to look further into since I have webmaster tools set up already.

    Thanks for sharing Siddaiah! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Hi Sherman Smith,

      I am glad that you shared your 4 years experience with this product, it helps us a lot to understand the value of this product, I was little bit hesitant to use this product till last month but I am using it now.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing valuable information, see you soon with another article.

  • Hello Siddaiah,

    I have used SEOpressor a long ago, and I can say that it is indeed a nice SEO tool. But, I have been using Yoast SEO, and it is doing quite well too. It does show me the analysis of page SEO as per the focus keyword.

    Thanks for the review.

  • Hi Siddaiah! Thanks for sharing this tool. IHaven’t tried this tool yet. But it surely looks promising. Google search and LSI Graph have been my favorites. Have you tried them yet? You might want to check them out too 🙂

  • Hey Siddaiah! Thanks for sharing this tool. I Haven’t tried this tool so far and i would love to try it out . I have been using Google one so far and find it effective though. LSI graph was also i have tried out. I will check yours and feedback you out. Thank you once again for the great post

  • Dear Siddaiah,
    As i was wondering to understand to this new buzzing WP plugin SEOPressor as i found very detailed and very informative article here. thanks and keep sharing.

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  • Hey, really nice to read your detailed write up! if i will use yoast and seo pressor both then it will affect ?