Review That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Social Shares review

99% bloggers main problem is getting traffic to their blog, when we search online for web traffic tips we do get so many tips but all the articles will have the same tips as create unique content, concentrate on social media, actively participate in blogger communities and forums, post articles in bookmarking sites, answer questions in Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo answers.

I think most of us are doing these things to get traffic, some of us are successful some are not; recently I came across one tool which has unique way of getting traffic to our blog compared to the traditional methods.

Before going to discuss about that tool I want to share some important advantages of that tool, when I say advantages you might think that is premium tool, for this question my answer is “NO” it is absolutely free to use with sufficient limit.

If we want to become successful in blogging career we should have good relationship with some influential bloggers related to our niche, we know who are those influential persons and our targeted audience are ready to read and follow their instructions.

Now the question comes “how do we make a good relationship with those influential people?” easiest way to reach these people is using their social media profiles like Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

If we share their content regularly by mentioning their name in our social media profiles then they will start recognizing our name and it will initiate the first impression in their mind.

Now coming to our tool review, it will help us to share our influential people’s content with call to action button at the bottom of the page which sends traffic back to our blog if somebody clicks on that button.

You are confused right Review: How works? shortens the original URL of the content into link which has the call to action button at the bottom of the original post which sends traffic to desired landing page on your blog if somebody clicks on that call to action button.

Here is the screenshot with the call to action button on original content. call to action button example

How To Use

To use this tool we have to sign up for a free account with this service, we can sign up through our Twitter or Facebook social media profiles or we can create account with our email ID and password.

Here you can check out the screenshot of sign up form sign up form

Select the Influencer Content to Share

First select the content of the influencer you want to share and find out which of your blog posts are closely related to that content.

For Example

I am selecting Mr. Harsh Agarwal’s How to make money from Google Adsense article to share in social media platforms

Influencer article URL

Copy the URL of the original article.

Create Link

We have copied the influencer’s content URL, now go to the homepage of the to create snip link or you can create snip link from your dashboard after logging into the website.

Here is the screenshot homepage to create snip link of SoutMeLoud URL.

Create link

Now we have to click Snip button to create and customize the link to include our blog’s URL and to select the button type and button text of call to action button.

When we click Snip button, it displays the pop-up box where we have to do all the important things in creating the link to bring traffic to our blog. pop up to customize

Page URL is automatically fetched by, in account type we have to mark button option, in message box we have to write our article name or message we want to display.

In button text, we have to write “Read More” or “Learn More”, in button URL we have to give our landing page URL where we want to drive traffic in our blog.

After completing all the fields click the create button to create link.

Copy the link and Share it on Social media

When we click create button, displays a pop-up box with link, we have to copy that link to share on our social media platforms or it gives us an option share on Twitter and Facebook, even we have the option to schedule the link on Buffer and Hootsuite. link

Here we will share this link instead of sharing the original link of ShoutMeLoud on social media platforms to drive the traffic to our blog. Analytics dashboard provides all the information about our snips we created, clicks we got on those links, average pages per visit, average time on the landing page, average time on site, and bounce rate.

Here is the screenshot of my dashboard. dashboard is not absolutely free for unlimited usage, it only allows free users to use only 1000 clicks per month on links if you want to use more than this free quota then we have to go for the premium subscription.

I think 1000 clicks are more than enough for the month to get the maximum benefit out of to drive decent traffic to our blog. Video Tutorial

Conclusion:  I request you to kindly share your opinions thoughts about this review in driving traffic to our blog if you liked this post kindly share it with link on your social media platforms to give us traffic and to get traffic to your blog.


  • Hi Siddaiah,

    Thanks for sharing such a useful online service, the video tutorial made it easy to get the things quickly.

    • Hi Shrinivas,

      I am very glad that you liked this post as well the video tutorial, actually Sniply is great tool to use to get traffic back from shares, thanks for dropping the comment.