Temok Domains Review: Perfect TLD Domain Extensions At Best Price

Temok Domains review

Domain names play a major role in branding the websites, previously website owners used to get only some set of TLD (Top Level domain) extensions for their websites, like .com, .net, .org, .edu, and .gov.

Now, every popular website has different TLD domain names to provide the best information to the users based on the geographical area they belong to or based on the interest.

For Example,

Take Google search engine domain name Google.com.

Now Google provides information to the users with more than 50+ TLD to cater the needs of the people by customizing the results as per the user’s geographical area.

Here you can check the list of Google Domain names with different TLDs

If you don’t know the information about what is TLD and its advantages, then don’t worry I am going briefly share about it now.

What are Top Level Domains(TLD)?

Every domain name ends with some kind of TLD like .com, .net, .org, these TLDs will enable users to get the brief idea of its nature.

For example,

  • .com TLD websites are commercial websites
  • .gov TLD websites are government websites
  • .edu TLD websites are educational websites

Top level domain names are two types

  • Common TLD domain extensions which are available for any registrants
  • Restricted TLD domain extensions which are available for only some organizations and communities.

ICANN(Internet corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) organization is the responsible for managing the TLD.

TLD advantages

Now we will go ahead with our main topic

Temok Domains Review

What Is Temok and Its Services?

Temok is one of the popular domains and web hosting company from the Europe, they established their services in 2014 and rapidly growing ever since with their quality services.

Temok has its own technology and hardware to maintain the web hosting servers at different places (data centers) across the Europe.

List of Temok Services

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Web Development
  • Web design
  • App marketing
  • App Design

Temok Domain Services

Temok is the only domain register company which offers more than 800+ domain extensions to its users, when I went through their TLD list I was shocked to see how many categories, countries, businesses, and communities it covers.

Here is the list of  some important TLDs it covers

  • Education (.academy, .edu)
  • eCommerce and shopping (.discount, .deals, .shop)
  • Business (.market, .management, .limited)
  • Arts & entertainment (.photo, .party, .museum)
  • Health & rehabiliation (.health, .rehab, .rest)
  • News & Media (.press, .media)
  • Travel & Transport (.cab, .vacations, .town)
  • Generic domain (.com, .net, .org)
  • European Continent domains
  • Asia Pacific  domains
  • American domains
  • African domains

Temok domain review example of TLD

Do you need to provide documents to register special TLD domain extensions?

No, most of the TLDs are free to register and use by anyone, but some countries and organizations have restrictions on some TLDs, so you need to provide documents which are essential for registering those specific TLDs and Temok will act as an agent on behalf of you.

How Much Time Temok takes to register a domain?

Generic domains are registered within 24 hours and special TLDs will take time up to 48 hours if you provide all the necessary documents to the Temok.

In some special cases, authorities will double check your documents and cross verify your data with their concerned database before approving your domain name.

Temok Domain Prices

Domain prices are based on our TLD we select for our domain names, generic domain name price starts from $6.99/ per year, European TLD name prices starts from $9 per year, Asia Pacific domain name price starts from $12 per year, American domain name prices starts from $18 per year, African TLD domain prices starts from &15.96 / per year, so there is no standard price for TLDs.

How To Register A Domain From Temok?

Visit Temok official website  to sign up with your details to create Temok account, once you create the account you will get credential information to your inbox.

Now login with your credentials to register a domain name based on your required TLD extension option.

Here some reasons why to choose Temok

  • Great Custome satisfaction
  • 8 Years of experience with 8000+ clients
  • Excellent customer support
  • All services at one place

Temok domain review example of their services


Over To You

Here in this Temok Domain review, I tried to share some of the advantages and benefits we get from this service to register perfect TLD domains at an affordable price.

Having an account with Temok will help us to register a domain, to buy web hosting, and to outsource or web design services at one place.

I request readers to kindly share your opinion, thoughts about this service in the comments box so that other readers will get much information about this service.

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