Thrive Themes Content Builder Review Why It is Best 3 In 1 Plugin

Thrive themes content builder review

You want to go through Thrive Themes Content Builder Review, right, I know, you came to the right page to explore about it.

I am using WordPress since 2 years, it is the best CMS for bloggers because of its features, I too agree with that but with the WordPress editor, we can not do all the things we want to do.

As a blogger, I read a lot of blogs to improve my knowledge regularly when I look at some blogs.

For Example, take a look at the  "authority hacker" website their content presentation looks different than the normal blogs because they are using "Thrive Visual Editor plugin" to craft the article and their content presentation looks extraordinary.

You might think what is the content presentation and how it helps the bloggers?

Read this Thrive Content Builder review completely you will come to know all the details about the content presentation which are aesthetically appealing to read and consume content in a better way.

Before coming to know about these content builders.

I was so curious to know how they are adding image effects like zoom in, zoom out in the content, content boxes, testimonial boxes, animated call to action buttons, multiple columns layout, lead boxes, tables, countdown timer and responsive videos with different styles and all that.

For Example,

If we want to add above mentioned elements in our article with the help of normal WordPress Editor then we have to choose different plugins or we should use shortcodes or we should have knowledge of CSS programming which consumes a lot of time and it can increase page load time on WordPress.

One simple solution to incorporate all these elements in our articles is selecting the perfect and affordable content builder.

Content builders will do all these things very easily with drag and drop options to build content.

There are so many content builders available in the market to choose but today I am going to share Thrive Themes page builder review to make you aware of its features and benefits.

Use of :  Content Editor For WordPress


3 in one content builder plugin


 Easy to use and user friendly editor


Affordable and one time payment 

​ Support

Prompt Support to issues.

Summary: I can not imagine my WordPress blog without Thrive Content builder for crafting articles, if anyone asks me what plugin you recommend for affiliate success then I will recommend 100% this plugin with full confidence.

​As I said before, it works as a 3 in 1 plugin(Content builder, Landing pages, Thrive light boxes) which are essential for lead capturing and affiliate sales.

If you want to be stand out from the crowd in presenting content in an aesthetic way then Thrive Content Builder WordPress plugin will definitely help you.

Price Starts from $67 

Thrive Themes Content Builder Review

Before moving ahead with Thrive content builder review, I will briefly share some things about this plugin.

What Is Thrive Visual Editor?

Thrive content builder is a WordPress visual editor plugin created by Thrive Themes, its a "WYSIWYG" content editor with drag and drop elements which allows us to see perfectly how our content will look after publishing the post.

Mr.Shane is the driving force for the companies growth, Thrive Themes main motto is creating conversion focused themes and plugins which convert visitors into customers and customers into clients.

Do check out Thrive Ultimatum review which is primarily designed to improve sales conversions on your blog.​

Thrive content builder is an editor interface just like WordPress editor but here we can see and edit content  in the web page  just like how it looks when we publish the article.

As a publisher, we do hear a lot of times about "WYSIWYG" (What you see is what you get) editors, Thrive visual builder is 100% WYSIWYG WordPress plugin which allows us to experience the content how it looks when we publish the content while editing the content.

Thrive content builder plugin comes with another two features which are very important for every blogger to do paid campaigns and list building purposes.

  • Thrive Landing Pages
  • Thrive Lightbox

Thrive Content Builder Landing pages: It is a complete solution to create landing pages from scratch as well we have pre-designed templates to use it for various purposes like webinar registrations, contest pages, thank you pages, welcome pages, sales pages and so on.

Thrive Lightbox: It is a two-step opt-in box which works same like Leadboxes of LeadPages to capture leads from various places like landing pages and article content as content upgrades.

Because of this reason I mentioned in my article title as 3 in 1 plugin which gives 3 benefits in one plugin.

Now we will jump over to review about all the elements available in the content builder one by one and I will share where we can use these elements effectively.

Thrive Content Builder Elements

Thrive content builder has so many elements in it for every purpose, here is the screenshot of all the elements available.

Thrive content builder elements

I have taken 3 screenshots and combined these pictures in a single image to show you all the elements in the single image.

As you can see in the screenshot there are more than 30+ elements are available in the Thrive content builder which are very useful to build an aesthetically perfect content with it.

Here is the screenshot which shows you how I am editing this article in Thrive content builder.

Thrive content builder editor

Before moving further ahead with each element in the Thrive content builder, first I will show you how editor looks and how we can customise elements, here is the screenshot.

element editor

Every element has its own editor window which gives us the all the options we need to enhance our content, above screenshot is the paragraph element editor, like that we will find different editor options for different elements.

Now I will share some of the important elements in this Thrive content builder article because reviewing every element in this article is not possible, for you convenience I will make a video tutorial on how to use Thrive content builder.

Drag and drop facility of the elements, placing the elements in the editor interface, changing positions of the elements is very easy with the content builder and thrive builder assists us with a green dotted box to place the elements.


I use buttons a lot in my content particularly for affiliate links, in TCB(Thrive Content Builder) we can add 6 different styles of buttons, we can change the color, size, font, links with no-follow attribution.

TCB Buttons

Credit Card Icons

We have seen so many websites where they will include credit card icons at the bottom of the call to action button to show which cards are accepted in for the transaction as well it shows trustworthy feeling.


In my review articles, I use some icons which represent symbolic presentation to the topic which I am discussing to get the visual appeal.

TCB icons

Star Rating

Star rating is the another element which is useful to rate product functions in the review article, this element is very useful for affiliate marketers.

TCB star rating

Column Layout

Sometimes we need to compare some things side by side or we need to add different columns side by side to show the comparison, adding columns is not at possible in WordPress editor but adding columns as per our requirement is very easy TCB.

TCB columns box example

Click To Tweet

So many professional bloggers are insisting on using "Click To Tweet" to increase the Twitter shares and so many of us are already using this option as WordPress plugin but TCB provides this option as an element in the Thrive content builder.

Adding Click To Tweet box is very easy with Thrive Content Builder, Check out the review  to know more



If you are doing a roundup post then you have to add different people's opinion in one single article, with TCB we can use testimonial boxes to share their opinions in different styles which look amazing in front readers eyes and it can impress the influencers.

TCB testimonial

Image Effects

We can add effects to our images in TCB to look different as compared to the normal WordPress editor, there are 6 types of styles available to use, like lifted, polaroid, rounded and framed styles if you notice the images in this article you will come to know about the image effects.  

Responsive Video

The responsive video is another great element which I use a lot in my blog, here we have to option to embed videos from various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia.

We can add different (10+)styles  to the video, we can customize the play buttons and the length of the video to run.

Here short 2 minutes videos where I selected lifted style to the video.

Pricing Table

If you are a professional blogger having owned products or services then adding price tables is mandatory, here in TCB we can add pricing tables very easily to our content our landing pages.

Here is the screenshot of pricing table.

TCB pricing tables

Styled List

We use lists more frequently in our content but in WordPress, we have only two options to select one is bullet point and another one is numbers.

In TCB, we have 6 styles of list icons we can use for our lists, here is the screenshot of all the 6 types of lists.

TCB list types

Contdonw Timer

This element is very useful when you are running any contest, giveaway or offering registration for a free webinar for a particular period of time, this timer will help the visitor to know the value of that webinar or giveaway.


Pros And Cons Of Thrive Content Builder

We know every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, TCB too has some disadvantages which I find from last 3 months usage, I will share pros and cons of TCB in the below box. 


  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • 30+ unique elements
  • Landing page Feature
  • LightBox Feature
  • Affordable Price
  • Unlimited updates for lifetime


  • No Yoast SEO Plugin support
  • Doesnt work for old content
  • Takes time to understand elements
  • Some elements have less customization options

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive landing page is an entirely different product which comes free with Thrive content builder, I wrote an in-depth comparison review about Thrive landing pages VS LeadPages where I discussed all the features of Thrive content builder + landing pages.

Thrive LightBox

Thrive LightBox is the feature of Thrive Leads which is another WordPress plugin by Thrive themes. I wrote an in-depth review about Thrive Leads VS OptinMonster which gives you all the information you need to know about Thrive leads

Thrive Content builder Tutorial (Video)

Thrive Content Builder Price

Thrive content builder is available for $67 if you are using for single site, $97  to use it on 5 sites and $147 to use it on 15 sites.

Thrive Content Builder Discount Information
I am using this product from last one year and I can not imagine my content creation without this editor, this is 3 in one WordPress plugin which helps you to become successful in your blogging career.

Thrive Themes don't offer discounts on their products still there is a way to get a discount from Thrive products if you take annual membership.

I wrote an article about Thrive themes discounts information, do check this one to get latest discount information

  • Hi Sid,
    I would definitely try Thrive content builder.
    Seems awesome and wonderful features, you’ve mentioned!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a nice Tuesday!
    ~ Ahmad

    • Hi Muhammad,

      Recent you asked me how I am getting shadow effect in the article embeded videos, Thrive Content builder is the secret, I am not using all its elements effectively to improve aesthetics.

      Thanks for stopping by and continuously supporting me by sharing your opinions in every article, see you soon.

  • Hello Sid,

    Heard a lot about Thrive recently. It looks like it is a great content builder.

    You have presented a very nice review. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Atish,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion here, Yes, Thrive content builder is an affordable content builder with added advantages of landing pages option and Thrive lightbox option for one time price.

      I am using it for last 3 months and I felt worth for my decision.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Thanks for sharing the in-depth review of Thrive content builder, I’m thinking to use the same to perform better. Few of my friends use the thrive themes and getting good organic traffic and thus I’m sure that it has SEO benefits like Genesis Framework.

    Great to know that it supports a lot of features like Icons, light box, column layout and much more. Let me have a try!

    I appreciate your good efforts in crafting the useful content, keep doing your good work.

    • Hi Nirmala,

      I am glad that you liked this post, I am using Thrive content builder from last two months, initially it takes time to understand the dynamics of Thrive editor once we are habituated it becomes easy to craft the post in Thrive content builder.

      Along with Thrive content builder we get Landing page feature as well Thrive lighbox feature for free, thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion, see you soon.

  • Hi Siddaiah,

    Fair and balanced review here. Themes can make all the difference if you are publishing helpful content. It’s simply wrapping your value in something pretty, improving your presentation and driving more visitors to your site. Thrive is one of the best out there. If I wasn’t so happy with my Bespoke Paradise theme you bet you I’d take a deeper look into Thrive.

    Thanks for sharing Siddaiah 🙂


    • Hi Ryan Biddulph,

      Yeah, I agree with you themes and content presentation drives more visitors to our site, previously I don’t know the importance of styling my content with elements like buttons, click to tweet, countdown timer etc but now I am using them with the help of TCB.

      Thanks for sparing your time to read and share your opinion about TCB, See you soon.

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