Thrive Ultimatum Review – An Ultimate Conversion Optimization Tactic

Thrive ultimatum review

Do you know? you can make your reader, feel the fear of losing something if he doesn't take action at the right time with the help of Thrive Ultimatum.

Internet marketers defined this technique as scarcity marketing.​

Scarcity marketing is the popular tactic used by a lot of big companies especially e-commerce sites to increase sales.

Today, I am going to share about Thrive Ultimatum Review​ which is a scarcity marketing WordPress plugin developed for internet marketers to increase sales conversions.

I know, you are interested to know complete information about scarcity marketing with perfect examples to understand how it works for sales conversions.

What Is Scarcity Marketing?​

Internet marketers create an artificial urgency by giving special discount/offer on products or services which are going to start and close (limited period) on particular date and time.

This tactic creates pressure on consumer's subconscious mind, this type of artificial urgency (fear of losing this offer) makes the consumers buy the products even if they are not ready to buy it immediately.

​Some of the ways to implement scarcity marketing.

  • Limited Period Offer
  • Early Bird Discount
  • Special Bonus along with the product
  • Special Event Discount
  • Launching Discount
  • Limited Quantity Discount

Scarcity Marketing Examples

Thrive Ultimatum scarcity marketing example

Look at the above screenshot example, seller reduced the price for one day only and he displayed countdown timer which creates the urgency in consumers mind to buy this product.

Thrive ultimatum review Conversion optimization example

Look at another example from Amazon website which says "order quantity is limited to 1 unit per customer", it conveys the message of losing something and the importance of the discount they are offering to the consumer.

I hope you got the fair idea about scarcity marketing, now we will jump into our main topic regarding Thrive Ultimatum.

Thrive Ultimatum Review

Review of : Thrive Ultimatum

Use of: Scarcity Marketing


Conversion optimized solution to increase sales and income


Price Starts From $127 for one time purchase. Membership plan starts from $19

Ease Of Use

The most powerful plugin designed for WordPress


Excellent customer support and unlimited updates

Summary: Thrive Ultimatum is the only WordPress plugin which is available for scarcity marketing, I am using this plugin for special campaigns on my authority blog and it is giving good results because of its features.

Membership From $19 / Month And $127 for one time purchase

Thrive Ultimatum Review

Before moving ahead with Thrive Ultimatum review, I will share some interesting information about Thrive Themes.

Mr. Shane MeLaugh is the Co-Founder of Thrive Themes, all their products are designed  to help internet marketers by focusing on conversion optimization, Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive landing pages are so popular among affiliate marketers.

Thrive Themes company is rapidly growing its product basket by introducing so many useful tools one by one to help the affiliate marketers, Thrive Ultimatum is one of the product which they introduced recently.

32,478 happy customers are using Thrive products, once you will become Thrive product user you come to know how their product updates according to latest need to improve conversion.

​Let's back to our topic.

Thrive Ultimatum is the only WordPress plugin available for Scarcity Marketing to help internet marketers.


What Is Thrive Ultimatum WordPress Plugin?

As you know, till now I talked about scarcity marketing and its importance for sale conversions, Thrive Ultimatum does all the things I mentioned above on our WordPress website.

thrive ultimatum wordpress plugin

For example, just look at the countdown widgets on the site at different places like ribbon bar, footer bar, sidebar, floating footer/top bar for better visibility and conversion. 

Readymade Templates For Campaigns

Thrive Ultimatum has 4 types of readymade campaign templates which allow us to create scarcity campaign within minutes of time.

We have the option to build a campaign from scratch if we want to build our own campaign as per our need.

7 Day offer Campaign: we can use it for specific days like 7 days, 5 days, 3 days, just set the start date and end date it automatically takes care of everything related to the campaign. 

Christmas Offer Special: This template is useful to create campaigns for events like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labour day, and so on.

End Of The Month Special: As per the name suggest it is used to create campaigns which are offered on month ends to increase the sales conversions.

Campaign Types And Settings

Types of Thrive ultimatum campaigns

I tried to include all the campaign types and features in the above collage image, but I will share some of the important features of Thrive Ultimatum.

Fixed Date Campaigns: This feature allow us to run the campaign on particular dates, all we have to do is just setting up the campaign with start date and end date, it automatically takes care of rest of the things.

Recurring Campaign: As the name suggest we can set up recurring campaigns which start, ends and repeats the campaign as per your need. 

Evergreen Campaign: This is a unique campaign that stays there all the time but it activates only when it meets some parameters as per our need.

For Example,

Campaign activates only when somebody is subscribed to your newsletter or someone clicked on the call to action button.​

Multiple Page Campaigns: sometimes we want to run different campaigns for different articles and different page, we can easily implement multiple page campaigns with Thrive Ultimatum.

Countdown Widgets: This type is useful to add a countdown timer to the offer and place it on any widget area of our websites like sidebar or footer.

Display Settings

Thrive ultimatum display settings

We can decide where our campaigns should display or should not display on our blog, for example, if we want to display campaign only on the homepage then we can select the only homepage.


Thrive products are designed in a way that it easily integrates with other products like Thrive Leads, Thrive clever widgets, it helps to improve the conversions easily as per our need.

How To Use Thrive Ultimatum? (Video Tutorial)

Initially, it takes the time to understand Thrive products once you are habituated to use the products it feels very simple to do customizations.

I was a little bit confused when I started using Thrive products, now I feel very comfortable using their products, one more thing I have to mention here is we will get training videos for everything from Thrive knowledge base.

Here I am embedding a video which walks you through the complete process of setting up and launching a new campaign from scratch with the help of Thrive Ultimatum plugin.


  • Readymade templates
  • Countdown Timer Widget
  • Multiple campaign setup
  • Easy Integration
  • Excellent customer support
  • Unlimited updates


  • Single Site Price $127
  • Takes time to understand all features
  • Only one Year customer support
Testimonials From The Influencers
Neil Patel About Thrive Ultimatum

Mr. Neil Patel is a well-experienced person with more than 10 years experience, just check his views about scarcity marketing.

Pat Flynn Views on scarcity marketing

I think you know Mr. Pat Flynn and he is the best affiliate marketer who earns a lot of money from his website, just check what is his opinion about scarcity marketing.


Thrive Ultimatum is the unique WordPress plugin which is launched recently, till now, I am not completely used it for my affiliate campaigns.

I am using Thrive products since one year and their products really helped me in many ways to increase my affiliate income because its unique features which are primarily focused on conversion optimization.

If you are willing to buy membership plan which gives access to all their products with 24% discount then check out this post, Thrive Themes membership Discount.

I do recommend you to use this product for scarcity marketing campaigns, which improves your sales conversions, if you have any doubts regarding this Thrive Ultimatum review just leave a message in the comment box, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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